Adopt from a Rescue, make room to save more...


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My wife is showing expectant baby pangs as we wait word on adopting a baby female SH dachsie rescue from Tennessee.....LOL. She is knitting a blankie for the blessed event...LOL. The funny thing is both of us are in our 60's and already have three elderly B&T LH rescued dachsies who are in a quandry as how to react to mommie ! LOL....
Sometimes like walking on egg shells around here.....LOL.


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This is a cause I really believe in. All of my 4 dogs and 2 cats are from a rescue organization or from the pound. I could not love them more. Keep up the good work.


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Abandoned dog in need of a good home

We have an abandoned German shepherd or (mixed German shepherd-unsure) that was abandoned at a dog park in New Jersey. My roommates cousin found him and attempted to find owners with no luck. They brought him to Maryland and My boy friend and I took him in. We are trying to find a better suited home for him since we can't have big dogs in our apartment. We took him in so he would not have to go to the pound or anywhere like that. We have been calling him Link. We are expanding our options beyond our personal network through rescue sites and facebook

We have posted on Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd as well but we want to expand our options.

Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue

Sex: Male
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 1-2 (guess)
Color: Black and Tan
Size: 101 Pounds
House Broken: Yes
Obedience Trained: No (In progress, can sit)
Living With: foster
Date Posted: 10/1/2012
History: Unknown, left at a dog park
Altered: Not that we know of.
Good with Kids: Unknown
Good with Cats: Yes, lives with small cats.
Good with Dogs: Yes, lives with little dog now, very playful
Contact Name: John Hillan
Contact Phone: 240-538-3169
Contact Email:
Description: Link was found abandoned at a dog park in NJ. Efforts to find his owner were not successful. We agreed to foster him until a new home could be found. He is a great guy and we would love to keep him but our living situation will not allow it. Link is very friendly, he can get very enthusiastic around people and when you get home. He is very gentle unless he gets to excited (knocks things over with his tail) and seems to be house trained and responds to sit and we are teaching him stay currently. We do not know his real name but we named him Link because he is missing (Like the Missing Link). Tends to drool, thick fur, ears down, black stripe on head. Not neutered.We also got him a kennel, which the new owner can have if they would like.


Leah Hawkins
alternate email:

John Hillan
email :


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Every dog we've adopted thru animal shelters have been the best behaved, healthiest and live longer. I love my muts; they are so grateful to us. Its very true how we saved each other.