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Liberals Lose Their Minds Over NHL Player Who Refused to Wear Pride Gear

In addition to the social media mob attacking Provorov, Canadian journalist Sid Seixeiro lost it on air, going on a tirade against religious people and demanding the NHL fine the Flyers $1 million over the "incident."

“Nothing scares me more than any human being who says ‘I’m not doing this because of my religious beliefs’ because when you look at people’s lives who normally say that publically you’d throw up at what you saw,” Seixeiro said. “I’ve seen that a million times in a lot of different ways, so don’t give me that…don’t feed me the religious beliefs line.”


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'Devastated' Transgender in Training Gets Whacked From Women's Gym, Calls the Human Rights Commission


Bodyworks Fitness in Parksville, British Columbia seemed to fit the bill. As told to CHEK News, everything appeared fantastic at first. Safety was assured; Brigid even got a hospitable hug:

“One of the trainers there greeted me, and she was extremely kind. And she could basically tell I was trans right away and said I would be welcome there, and explicitly said I would be safe as well, even gave me a hug.”
That was at the gym’s female facility — the Bodyworks Fitness for Women and Tanning Salon. But a few days later, a call calamitously came. Hug, schmug:

“[O]n Monday, I got a call from the same person basically saying, ‘Sorry, we made a mistake — you’re not actually allowed to be here. But you’re more than welcome to use the co-ed facility.'”
Cue complete devastation:

kind of just hung up, ’cause, I mean, I was…devastated. I mean, there’s no other word for it.”


Bodyworks owner Dale Nagra has other considerations:

“We want [people like Brigid] to be comfortable, but we also have to worry about the young girls that this gym is set up for and the women. And how are their parents gonna feel that they’re in there, then this person walks in with a male voice and big person?”

Dale suspects the situation sits on a slippery slope:

“So now you pick the comfort of the male who identifies as a woman…and then anybody can go in there saying, ‘Okay, I identify as a woman, and I want to be able to go in there.’ And so, do we pick the comfort of the transgender person — and they may not be as comfortable at the co-ed gym, but at least that’s an alternative — or do we pick the comfort of the young girls that are working out there? They might not feel comfortable.”


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'Transmedicalism' and the Fracturing of the LGBTQ+++™ 'Community'

The LGBTQ+++™ “community” appears to be terminally stricken with internal strife. First came the TERFs v. trans flame war, which centered around whether objective biological reality exists at all or “trans women are women” simply because they say so. It got ugly, and the Harry Potter lady (an avowed TERF) basically lost her career over it.

Now the fault line is “transmedicalists” (also known as “truscum”) vs. “tucutes” (also known as “transtrenders”).

The transmedical position is that, in order for one to qualify as legitimately transgender, one must receive an official diagnosis and/or undergo “affirmative” medical care such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), gender reassignment surgery, etc.



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Heresy! More Dissidents From the Left's Religion Appear in the NHL

ESPN reported, no doubt amid loud expressions of rage and disgust among its editors, that the NHL’s New York Rangers “did not wear Pride Night jerseys or use rainbow stick tape during warmups on Friday night, despite promoting them in ticket sales materials leading up to the game.” Horror of horrors! The Rangers, those wicked heretics, “promoted Pride Night to fans by saying players ‘will be showing their support by donning pride-themed warm-up jerseys and tape in solidarity with those who continue to advocate for inclusivity.’” But no such expression of “solidarity” ensued. Instead, the team opted to show solidarity with those who love freedom, and “wore their ‘Liberty Head’ jerseys in warmups.”

This intolerable expression of dissent from the Rangers is something new: the team has always been compliant in the past. “In previous seasons,” ESPN noted in a sentence that was a masterpiece of subtle emotional manipulation, “Rangers players had Pride-themed jerseys and sticks that were auctioned off after the game for charity.” But this year, the recipients of this charity were left staring plaintively at the locked door of the Rangers’ clubhouse. There would be no rainbow sticks or gay jerseys for them. Oh, for the love of all that is decent, won’t you think of the children?

What’s more, it isn’t as if the “charities” in question were really stiffed. ESPN notes that “the Rangers’ 7th annual Pride Night was celebrated throughout the game in other ways. Fans were given a pride-themed fanny pack as a giveaway. The exterior and interior lights at Madison Square Garden were illuminated in rainbow colors. The Rangers also made a charitable donation to the Ali Forney Center on Pride Night, the largest agency dedicated to LGBTQ+ homeless youths in the country.” So everyone should be happy, no? No. The Left can’t tolerate even the smallest expression of dissent.


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HORRIFYING lecture proves radical left is working to NORMALIZE pedophilia​

"This is beyond disturbing. Folks, this is not a joke. We must stand up for children."



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Advocates Push For Consensual Incest To Be Decriminalized, Laugh Off ‘Grooming’ Allegations

Supporters of consensual incest are advocating for the taboo arrangement to be decriminalized after the recent story about an anonymous New York couple suing to have the state’s anti-incest laws overturned.

Richard Morris, an Australian man who wants the incest laws in approximately 60 countries changed, supports the New York couple’s lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court and believes incestuous relationships between consenting adults “should not be criminalized,” according to the New York Post.

Morris and other pro-incest advocates are responsible for about 130 petitions that are trying to change anti-incest laws around the world.
Catholic Church has quite a few homo priests. And now they want to bring in LGBTQ. The day they do that is when I and countless others will leave the Catholic Church.


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when i was a deputy many moons ago, had a lady who wanted her ex charged with incest. he left her for his 1st cousin.
got all the info and went to walter dorsey's office. he wouldn't touch it. told me you would have to charge alot of my amish neighbors with the same crime.
He was probably pretty accurate.


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Catholic Church has quite a few homo priests. And now they want to bring in LGBTQ. The day they do that is when I and countless others will leave the Catholic Church.
A friend of mine is a Bishop for a Catholic sect, which does not recognize the Papacy.