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There’s No ‘Immorality’ In Being Attracted To Children

Walker is an assistant professor at Old Dominion University and author of the book, “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.” Walker’s book challenges the “widespread assumptions that persons who are preferentially attracted to minors—often referred to as ‘pedophiles'” and looks at the “lives of non-offending minor-attracted persons (MAPs),” a term used to describe the group because it is less stigmatizing than a word like “pedophile,” according to Walker.

In the interview with the Prostasia Foundation, Walker made clear that abuse should not be tolerated and argued there is a distinction between a sexual attraction and acting on that sexual attraction.

“From my perspective, there is no morality or immorality attached to attraction to anyone because no one can control who they’re attracted to at all,” Walker said in the interview. “In other words, it’s not who we’re attracted to that’s either okay or not okay. It’s our behaviors and responding to that attraction that are either okay or not okay.”

The Prostasia Foundation is a non-profit that focuses on child protection along with an “evidence-based approach to child sexual abuse prevention with its commitment to human rights and sex positivity,” according to its website.


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I'm not a huge fan of people who victimize children or animals. Or the elderly. Or anyone, really, but mostly those who can't fight back. Like nursing home workers who abuse the patients - I'd happily strap them to the chair and draw it out for max effect. I hate anyone who targets the helpless and no one will ever convince me those sociopaths can be rehabilitated or deserve compassion.
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If a weirdo is sexually attracted to children he/she is a pedophile.
There is a big-big difference between liking kids and being sexually attracted to them.
Is he (or she) really a pedophile if they’re attracted but never act on the attraction?


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I bet that arrow has been in your quiver for a long time.
Baliff: "Mr. Horwinke, on the night of Sept. 3rd you did sexually assault the plaintiff. How do you plead?"
Horwinkle: "Insanity"
Bailiff: "Insanity??"
Horwinkle: "That's right, insanity! I'm just crazy about that stuff."