Ah Yes ... Acceptance of Gays - Next Pedo's or Incest


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Any Psychiatrist who maintains that men can become women by being mutilated should have his balls cut off.


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Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) sorority sisters sued the national organization in March for admitting a biological male into the University of Wyoming chapter, alleging that the national organization violated its bylaws and that 6 foot 2 biological male Artemis Langford, who identifies as trans, watched women in the house get undressed. Judge Alan B. Johnson of the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming, appointed by Republican President Ronald Reagan, ruled that the national organization can interpret its own definitions as it wants to and didn’t breach its housing contracts by allowing a biological man to board with women, according to court documents.

Sorority Members BANNED For Excluding Men​



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Despite all the publicity Page received and all the promotion behind the memoir, the book has reportedly sold 68,000 copies. While most authors would love to sell 68,000 copies of their books, most don’t have the advantages Page had. Her book got Hollywood endorsements and write-ups in the media. It had every possible advantage to sell at least five times as many copies. I’ve written a few books myself and have never had the kind of publicity that Page got. Yet despite her advantage, Flatiron Books lost big money on the project even before taking into account the money spent on promotion. A publishing industry insider told The Free Press that when it comes to book advances, "if you paid $7 per book sold, you paid the right amount.”

Flatiron Books paid Page $44 per book sold.

They literally paid $3 million for a book that the vast majority of people don’t want to read. They should have just paid me $2 million to tell them it wouldn’t even come close to making back the advance and it would have cost them less money.

It sounds an awful lot like how Disney keeps putting out woke content and losing big money for not understanding what the market wants. But what’s happening with these big publishing houses is more than that. They aren’t just putting out woke content; they are actively discriminating against white male writers.

In June 2022, best-selling author James Patterson called the difficulty white male authors were facing “just another form of racism.” After a backlash, he quickly apologized and said: “I absolutely do not believe that racism is practiced against white writers. Please know that I strongly support a diversity of voices being heard—in literature, in Hollywood, everywhere.” But one month later, acclaimed author Joyce Carol Oates made a similar point. In a tweet, she wrote: “a friend who is a literary agent told me that he cannot even get editors to read first novels by young white male writers, no matter how good; they are just not interested.”


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DOJ fails to stop Rachel Levine's emails being exposed in litigation over Alabama's sex change ban for minors

However, a court ruled on Nov. 17 that it "finds that Admiral Levine’s emails are relevant… Given that Admiral Levine is a public official."

"I am glad the court granted our motion to require HHS to search Admiral Levine’s emails for documents relevant to our defense of Alabama’s law," Alabama Attorney General Marshall told Fox News Digital. "We look forward to reviewing the documents HHS produces as we continue to defend Alabama’s children."

The DOJ declined to comment and the HHS has yet to respond for comment.

Levine has been one of the most vocal voices in the federal government when it comes to transgender issues, the attorney general continued.

"Levine has been at the forefront of the Biden Administration’s reckless promotion of sex-modification procedures for children. There is no doubt about that, nor about the Admiral’s close involvement with radical organizations like WPATH whose ‘Standards of Care’ mandate the use of sterilizing hormones and surgeries to ‘treat’ vulnerable children suffering from gender dysphoria," he said

In August, Levine praised an Alaska gender clinic that promoted revisionist ideas about biological sex, including eliminating the word "mother" from K-12 science classes.

The gender-inclusive biology curriculum — catered for science teachers — recommended "child-friendly definitions" of terms relating to gender and sexuality.

In July, Levine argued that medical interventions such as hormone therapy could be necessary for children who are experiencing the "wrong puberty."


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New Trans Textbook for Psychiatrists Could Harm Millions of Kids, Critics Say

A new "cutting-edge" textbook on transgenderism written with the help of activists will be used to train psychiatrists and could harm millions of children in the future, some experts have warned.

"Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care," just released on Amazon at $58, is a textbook printed by American Psychiatric Association (APA) Publishing.

The textbook signals early on that it's more subjective than objective, quoting a feminist studies professor saying, "Scientific neutrality is a fallacy."


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🔥 An old-west style showdown is ambling down Minnesota’s legal sidewalks. The Sahan Journal ran an article yesterday headlined, “St. Louis Park parents threaten legal action over LGBTQ books.” Corporate media has a blackout on the story. Maybe the blackout is because St. Louis Park Somali muslim parents are threatening legal action.

St. Louis Park’s devout Somali muslim community is a ‘vibrant and growing part’ of the city's population. Earlier this year, national media celebrated that Nadia Mohamed became America’s first Somali-American mayor. I doubt they’re celebrating now.

St. Louis Park’s muslims mainly hew to Islamic teaching that homosexuality is immoral, and they don’t like it much when woke schools give their young children books graphically depicting homosexual acts. So far, this story sounds a lot like other similar ‘book banning’ stories over the last couple years, like Moms for Liberty’s famous/infamous efforts to limit atypical sexualized content in public schools.

But the Somali parents are taking the argument all the way to its logical endpoint, setting up a vast, unpredictable battle. It is an argument that Christian parents have, for whatever reason, so far avoided making, possibly because of the implications if an eventual Supreme Court decision went the wrong way.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Years ago, St. Louis Park elected several gay school board members. Since then, the district libraries have swollen with material that most parent consider gross if not outright revolting. Gay parents argue that every grocery magazine cover glorifies heterosexual content, and nobody complains about that, so giving school kids cartoons showing little boys performing oral sex on each other is only fair.

“Love is love,” they claim.

(For the record, that is a demonic lie. Sex is not love, and love is not sex. Just ask the entrepreneurial, fifth-wave feminists on OnlyFans. But I digress.)

So six Somali families hired The First Liberty Institute, a conservative, Texas–based law firm that has litigated several high-profile First Amendment cases, like defending a high school football coach fired for praying on the field after games, a cake shop owner who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding, a Muslim inmate denied a religious meal, and a Jewish family trying to place a religious symbol on their relative’s grave in a government-owned cemetery.

So far, First Liberty’s lawyers have only sent the school district a demand letter, but the remarkable part of the story is the legal theory they’re arguing.

A 1993 Minnesota law requires school districts to provide a “parental curriculum review” process. Under the law, districts must allow parents to review instructional materials and, if parents object, schools must “make reasonable arrangements with school personnel for alternative instruction.”

That language could not possibly be more clear.

The Somali parents want the school district to follow the law. They want some reasonable arrangements for their children to receive alternative instruction, instead of cartoon manuals instructing kids how to have gay sex. They just wanted to opt-out:

“It is disheartening that these books were introduced to our children without our knowledge or consent, leaving us with no recourse to opt out,” (a woman named Ilhan told the St. Louis Park school board). “Our request is simply to be informed in advance when materials related to sexuality and LGBTQ identity are included in the curriculum, along with the option to exempt our children from those specific lessons.”

But school board members, advised by compliant staff lawyers, argued that the Minnesota Supreme Court has never interpreted the plain language of the curriculum statute in light of more recent Minnesota laws, like its Human Rights Act, which — to them — seem to conflict with each other, because the HRA bars discrimination against gay students.

In the school board’s view, allowing muslim students to opt-out of gay material might hurt some gay students’ feelings, which would would be catastrophic, thereby unconscionably discriminating against gay folks writ large. Just like Nazis. (Except for Ukrainian Nazis, those are the good ones.)

This is where the stakes in the conflict got turned up to Spinal Tap’s famous Number-11 setting. The Somali muslim parents carefully and respectfully invoked their Constitutional religious liberty. As Ilhan explained, handily wielding the awkward woke vocabulary:

“We wholeheartedly respect the importance of affirming LGBTQ identities, but we are troubled by the way these books have been presented to our children,” Ilhan said. “The manner in which they have been taught appears to exceed the boundaries of affirmation, urging every child to delve into their own understanding of gender and sexuality. This approach, we believe, directly conflicts with our deeply held religious beliefs.”

The reason this argument is so very stakes-raising is that, by invoking the U.S. Constitution, they bypassed all the potential arguments over any conflicts between parents’ rights under Minnesota’s curriculum statutes and the state’s Human Rights Amendment preventing gay students from potentially getting their feelings hurt.

Unless this gets resolved soon, out of court, the dispute tees up the final conflict — over school textbooks — between the rights of religious parents under the First Amendment and the rights of gay secular parents under the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments. After 9/11, democrats adopted muslims into the party’s Neo-marxist coalition of victim groups. So black Somali muslims currently wear suits of political armor (that Christian parents lack) and the case can proceed on the merits, without all the usual character assassination and bad-motive-imputation.

Much can be learned from these Somali parents’ strategies. I’d put this story squarely into the ‘counter-revolution’ category. Will the Supreme Court find that muslim parents’ deeply-held religious convictions trump the potential for gay students to get hurt feelings when other kids aren’t required to read LGBTQ+ material in public schools?



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Christian Teacher Fired for Revealing Student’s ‘Gender Transition’ to Parents Sues School

By Ben Kew, The Western Journal Dec. 10, 2023 9:45 am379 Comments

A teacher fired over her concern for a student’s welfare is not going down without a fight.

Bonnie Manchester, whom MassResistance reported is a Christian, was sacked from a middle school in Ludlow, Massachusetts, back in 2021 after informing a female student’s father that the school was secretly referring to his daughter as a boy.

Two years on, Manchester is filing a $10 million lawsuit against Ludlow, its school board, current and former school district superintendents, and several former school employees.

One of the defendants, the school’s former librarian, is a woman who identifies as a man. She allegedly pushed books on children containing sexually explicit content, “either in the form of illustrations, explicit descriptions of sexual activity, or both.”
“Some promoted a gay lifestyle, others trans,” the lawsuit states. “All advanced a view wherein gender confusion, sexual experimentation, promiscuity, or all three were considered normal.”


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Seattle student failed quiz for saying men can't get pregnant

From mynorthwest.com:

An activist history teacher failed a Seattle student on a quiz for saying only women can get pregnant and that only men have penises.
A 10th grade Ethnic Studies World History teacher at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle gave students a quiz titled, 'Understanding Gender vs. Sex.' The quiz provided a series of statements to label true or false, or questions with multiple choices.
The student’s mother wrote to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH expressing 'frustration and anger.' She says she expressed concerns to the school, but was 'met with silence.'
'I keep trying to wrap my head around how it is legal to teach inaccurate information and force students to answer against their beliefs or receive negative scores,' she said to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. She asked for anonymity for fear her son would face retribution.

The mother also reported to Rantz that various teachers at the school called her son, 'f****d and racist,' and 'a product of the patriarchy that teaches young boys not to care about anything.' He was also told not to identify as 'straight' because the word is offensive. She added that she was proud of her son -- despite the failing grade he was given by a teacher who should never be allowed to be around children -- for standing up for the truth.

The school's only response was that the quiz was 'in line with state and local guidelines.'

Talk about an advertisement for school choice and homeschooling.

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🔥 KTTH-770 ran a story yesterday headlined, “Rantz: Seattle student failed quiz for saying men can't get pregnant.” You probably won’t believe this, but I did not make up or exaggerate any of the facts of this story. Get ready for more Science™!


It all started after a diverse 10th grade Ethnic Studies / World History teacher at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle gave students a quiz titled, “Understanding Gender vs. Sex.” The quiz had a series of ‘true or false’ and multiple choice questions. As you can easily imagine, the quiz was just a lot of woke gobbledygook, like testing for proper pronoun usage in various bizarre scenarios, and confirming students’ ability to identify people’s private sexual perversions, such as whether trans people are “always gay.”

I am running out of ways to adequately describe the intensity of my eye-rolling when I research these stories, but I saw the back of my skull this time. From the inside.

Anyway, the pronoun questions were one thing, but it really went off the rails when it got to Science. Especially questions 4 and 7. Question 4 was a true or false biology question with the statement, “All men have penises.” Question 7 was also about biology, posing the true or false statement: “Only women can get pregnant.”

You can probably see where this is going. The quiz had no essay question asking, “what is a woman?”, although there should have been.

Anyway, one Chief Sealth student correctly answered “true” to both biology questions — and thus failed the test. The teacher who failed him was frustrated with his answers to the simple biology questions. After all, she has been trying as hard as she can to get these kids to understand that women have penises and men can get pregnant.

The student’s mother, not happy about the F, wrote to the Jason Rantz Radio Show on KTTH expressing her “frustration and anger.” She said she reported the events to the school district but was “met with silence.” So KTTH called Seattle Public Schools, which bizarrely defended the quiz. It might not be scientifically accurate, but according to a SPS spoke lady, was “inclusive.” SPS stated the questions and answers were appropriate for Ethnic Studies, if not in human biology class. The district added that the student’s failing quiz score would not be included in his overall course grade.

But the student’s mom, who described herself as a moderate Seattle liberal, isn’t worried about the quiz grade. She’s worried about what kind of “science” they are teaching down there, and she is fretting about how the teacher will treat her son now, knowing that he is thinking for himself and not toeing the gender-bender line. The mom told KTTH that various SPS teachers have already called her son, “f****d and racist,” a “product of the patriarchy that teaches young boys not to care about anything,” and advised him that “he shouldn’t use the term straight to identify as because its offensive.”

I mean, seriously. What is the actual point of public school if it teaches kids women have penises and men get pregnant? That will just hopelessly confuse an already-difficult sex-ed situation. How did the teacher pass her own science classes? Where does she think kids come from? How confused are the Seattle Public School administrators? Do they think bees make nests and birds make honey?

So many questions.



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Activists Cry HATE CRIME After Man SMOKES Transwoman Who TRICKED Him During 'Encounter'!​

Silly ****** ... play stupid games with straight males, don't be surprised when someone dies


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‘Star Trek’ Actor LeVar Burton Threatens To Physically Assault Members Of Moms For Liberty Who Don’t Want Small Children Reading Sexually Explicit Material In School Libraries

According to Publishers Weekly, LeVar Burton hosted the National Book Awards and opened the ceremony by stating, “Before we get going, are there any Moms for Liberty in the house? No? Good. Then hands will not need to be thrown tonight.”


In the interview he was asked, “In all of your advocacy work, do you hear anything from young people affected by book bans?”

He responded, “Here’s the thing: I think it’s the responsibility of the adults in the room to advocate for those kids. Because in many cases, they don’t know what they’re missing. And they won’t know what they’re missing because they won’t get it, because these people are in some cases being successful.”

He added, “One of the things I’m most thrilled about is that hardly any candidates backed by Moms for Liberty won their races. There are bright spots, but these are people who would rather children not know the truth. Those kids will never know what they’re missing, but it’s our job to stand up for them, to be their voices and their advocates. That’s what being an elder in this society means to me.”

According to the Moms for Liberty website what the organization opposes is sexually explicit material in school libraries. Their website notes they oppose books in school libraries that have: graphics showing sex acts (not in a medical/educational way), extreme profanity, detailed descriptions of masturbation, oral, anal & vaginal sex, forced oral sex, rape & sexual assault, incest, pedophilia, [and] teaching kids how to use sex apps, and what websites to use.”

Speaking with Newsweek last November Moms of Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice told the outlet, “We’re not looking to ban any books.”

She then referenced calls for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s book to be canceled, “There were people that don’t want the book to be published. That’s banning books. Our moms are saying write the book, publish the book, print the book, sell the book wherever you’d like to sell it, but don’t put it in a public school library if it has explicit sexual content in it.”

RazorFist on LeVar Burton Wanting to Show Kids Gross Books​