Am I the only one with a dumb kid??


#*! boat!
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My mom's from a country family, it was 50/50 whether we were getting sewed up in the ER or at home.
Same here. Learned to sew my own up if it was something I could get to with both hands...

I keep suture kits handy in my first aid bags. Had a drunk guy at one of my parties lay his leg open to the bone practically from ankle to knee when he mistepped down on to a sharp piece of tubing while getting in to his boat. I sewed him up before a ride showed up to take him to the hospital; they redid all my work (final repairs required two layers of stitches and that's beyond my skill level) but they told him that what I did saved them a lot of time and wasted dead tissue by closing the wound so quckly like I did.