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Scientists Expose Major Problems With Climate Change Data

Temperature records used by climate scientists and governments to build models that then forecast dangerous manmade global warming repercussions have serious problems and even corruption in the data, multiple scientists who have published recent studies on the issue told The Epoch Times.

The Biden administration leans on its latest National Climate Assessment report as evidence that global warming is accelerating because of human activities. The document states that human emissions of “greenhouse gases” such as carbon dioxide are dangerously warming the Earth.
The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) holds the same view, and its leaders are pushing major global policy changes in response.

But scientific experts from around the world in a variety of fields are pushing back. In peer-reviewed studies, they cite a wide range of flaws with the global temperature data used to reach the dire conclusions; they say it’s time to reexamine the whole narrative.

Problems with temperature data include a lack of geographically and historically representative data, contamination of the records by heat from urban areas, and corruption of the data introduced by a process known as “homogenization.”

The flaws are so significant that they make the temperature data—and the models based on it—essentially useless or worse, three independent scientists with the Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences (CERES) explained.

The experts said that when data corruption is considered, the alleged “climate crisis” supposedly caused by human activities disappears.

Instead, natural climate variability offers a much better explanation for what is being observed, they said.


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When we have a media spouting off over record breaking heat for one day or too much rain, its meant to panic people into overreacting.


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Bill Gates Takes Surprising Shot At Left-Wing Climate Alarmists: ‘Just Completely Not Solvable’

“I don’t think it’s realistic to say that people are utterly going to change their lifestyle because of concerns about climate,” Gates said. “You can have a cultural revolution where you’re trying to throw everything up, you can create a North Korean-type situation where the state’s in control. Other than immense central authority to have people just obey, I think the collective action problem is just completely not solvable.”

“Anyone who says that we will tell people to stop eating meat, or stop wanting to have a nice house, and we’ll just basically change human desires, I think that that’s too difficult,” Gates said. “You can make a case for it. But I don’t think it’s realistic for that to play an absolutely central role.”

“But just having a few rich countries, a few rich companies and a few rich individuals buy their way out so they can say they’re not part of the problem, that has nothing to do with solving the problem,” Gates added. “Those [remaining] two-thirds of emissions are pretty basic in terms of the calories and shelter and transport and goods being used. So, the excesses of the rich countries … even curbing those completely out of existence is not a solution to this problem.”

Saying the quiet part out loud ... this is why Progressives DEMAND The POWER to FORCE Citizens to Make changes Global Climate Warming Change Proponents Deem Required to save the planet
He's not saying it's not solvable. He's saying you have to use the power of the central government to force them to change.

Effectively, he's saying that most leftists don't go far enough in their solutions, including, presumably, the "final solution." That is what other totalitarian governments do. Well, what they have done until AI changes that chit and eliminates it from the history books, or blames white people for it all.

Somebody should ask one of the AIs if Pol Pot was white.


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John Kerry just proved he’s even more of a dolt than anyone imagined

What an unbelievable idiot: Biden “climate envoy” John Kerry actually said that if Russia makes “a greater effort to reduce emissions,” it might “open up the door for people to feel better about what Russia is choosing to do” in its barbaric war to conquer Ukraine.

Kerry’s always been a self-regarding twit, but this might be the dumbest thing any politician has said in decades (and the competition is stiff).

Vladimir Putin has proved time and again that he holds all civilized norms in utter contempt; oil and gas exports are all that keep his economy afloat.


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🔥 You won’t find this next story in any corporate media anywhere. Not even to mock the Tennessee rednecks and their crazy notions. But compare these two hilarious local headlines: The liberal Tennessean ran a story yesterday headlined, “Tennessee Senate passes bill based on 'chemtrails' conspiracy theory: What to know.” Whereas the conservative Tennessee Conservative News ran a story a few weeks ago headlined, “Tennessee Looks To Ban Geoengineering And Weather Modification.

image 3.png

This terrific story has flummoxed corporate media. They don’t at all know how to handle it. The news is, Tennessee’s Senate just passed a bill to ban “geoengineering or weather modification” in the state.

The bill never mentioned contrails or chemtrails.

Instead, if passed, the bill would prohibit “activities involving the intentional release or dispersion of chemicals or chemical substances into Tennessee’s atmosphere.” Specifically, it forbids:

"The intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any means, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances, or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight is prohibited," the bill reads.

The goofy Tennessean article first claimed that “contrails” were just a conspiracy theory. Then it linked to a ‘fact check’ concluding that “contrails” exist but aren’t used for climate change control. Then it said, even if they are used for climate control, nobody is doing it yet.

Again, the actual bill says nothing about contrails.

On the other hand, the much more detailed Tennessee Conservative article cited countless state, federal, and international sources saying exactly what the bill does attempt to ban: spraying stuff in the air to block the sun, which has to be the stupidest idea anyone ever came up with, except possibly the idea to resurrect the pet rock and sell pet rock accessories.

image 6.png

But I digress.

The most amusing thing about the Tennessee bill is how well it boxes in and shuts up corporate media carpers. After all, if nobody is spraying chemicals into the atmosphere, then the Tennessee bill can’t hurt anything. It would be like banning flying carpets. Who cares?

In other words, to complain about conservatives destroying the climate by banning geoengineering, they first must admit that geoengineering is real.

Haha! That they cannot do.

This raises some interesting possibilities. It could be a whole new strategy for conservatives: Banning things that democrats claim don’t exist. Like, let’s criminalize use of any drug that enters the cell’s nucleus or integrates into cell DNA. Or make it a felony for government public health officials to misinform the public. Make abortion after birth murder again.

What other things can you think of that democrats don’t believe in that it would be good for conservatives to ban?



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‘There’s Been No Increase’: Scientists Debunk Climate Change Claims About Hurricanes

Fear Before Reality​

Government agencies, such as NOAA, often lead with an alarming statement about increased weather severity, but beyond the headlines, the data show a different story, Mr. Cohen said.

For example, in its 2023 State of the Science fact sheet titled “Atlantic Hurricanes and Climate Change,” NOAA asks the questions: “Has human-caused climate change had any detectable influence on hurricanes and their impacts?” and “What changes do we expect going forward with continued global warming?”

It answers itself by stating that “Several Atlantic hurricane activity metrics show pronounced increases since 1980.”

A few paragraphs later, NOAA states that if the data from the 1900s to the present is considered, “There has been no significant trend in annual numbers of U.S. landfalling tropical storms, hurricanes, or major hurricanes.”

Instead, there’s a “decreasing trend since 1900 in the propagation speed of tropical storms and hurricanes over the continental U.S.”

Mr. Cohen said NOAA’s approach is problematic. Its initial statements are “scary” and then “it discounts these same statements.”

“It’s very confusing because it goes back and forth between blaming climate change and blaming natural variability,” he said.

The reliance on climate modeling instead of observed reality is one of the problems with government reports, Mr. Cohen said.


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Oxfordshire County Council Pass Climate Lockdown 'trial' to Begin in 2024

Oxfordshire County Council yesterday approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to 'save the planet' from global warming. The latest stage in the '15 minute city' agenda is to place electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighbourhoods.

Under the new scheme if residents want to leave their zone they will need permission from the Council who gets to decide who is worthy of freedom and who isn't. Under the new scheme residents will be allowed to leave their zone a maximum of 100 days per year, but in order to even gain this every resident will have to register their car details with the council who will then track their movements via smart cameras round the city.

Communism will make the weather better.

Oxfordshire County Council, which is run by Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, secretly decided to divide-up the city of Oxford into six ‘15 minute’ districts in 2021 soon after they were elected to office. None of the councillors declared their intention of imprisoning local residents in their manifestos of course, preferring to make vague claims about how they will 'improve the environment' instead.

Every resident will be required to register their car with the County Council who will then monitor how many times they leave their district via number plate recognition cameras. And don’t think you can beat the system if you’re a two car household. Those two cars will be counted as one meaning you will have to divide up the journeys between yourselves. 2 cars 50 journeys each; 3 cars 33 journeys each and so on.

Under the new rules, your social life becomes irrelevant. By de facto Councils get to dictate how many times per year you can see friends and family. You will be stopped from fraternising with anyone outside your district, and if you want a long distance relationship in the future, forget it, you are confined to dating only those within a 15 minute walk of your house.


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Why an Eco-warrior Left the Movement—and Became a Christian

But today’s Honestly guest, writer Paul Kingsnorth, thinks that the way in which this progress has been achieved is detrimental not only to the environment but to our own mental and physical well-being—and that underneath the extreme wealth built by human society is a massive sense of human and spiritual loss.

Paul is someone who has gone through a profound transformation over the past decade, and in a very public way. He was once considered one of the West’s most radical and prominent environmentalists—even chaining himself to a bridge in protest of road construction and leading The Ecologist, a left-wing environmental magazine. But he became disillusioned with an environmental movement that he says is now obsessed with cutting carbon emissions by any means, and getting captured by commercial interests in the process.

Paul and his family eventually left urban England to live off the land in rural Ireland, where they currently grow their own food; the children are homeschooled.


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A couple of years ago, the World Economic Forum debuted the architect's rendering of the "five-minute city." In this miles-long shopping mall enclosed in glass walls with everyone stacked on top of each other, you're never more than five minutes away from anything you could need. No more suburban sprawl.

Plus, it will be occupied by millions, be 100 percent solar and wind-powered, and be completed by 2045.

NowThis News put out a video saying that what many would call ideal, some on the Right call "tyrannical." Add to those James Woods, who's not impressed by this video of the "15-Minute City" that's coming to you.



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Pete Buttigieg Given Brutal Reality Check After Using Faulty Analogy to Mock Americans for Refusing to Buy Electric Vehicles (VIDEO)

Relevant transcript:

Roberts: Tesla sales fell 8.5% in the first quarter of this year. Ford this week is laying off two-thirds of its workforce at the F-150 electric lighting plant. It’s also scaling back a battery production facility because of sagging sales.
EV sales are nowhere near what this president wanted or expected, yet the administration continues to shove them down consumers’ throats. Why?
Buttigieg: Let’s be clear that the automotive sector is moving toward EVs, and we can’t pretend otherwise. Sometimes, when these debates happen, I feel like it’s the early 2000s, and I’m talking to some people who think that we can just have landline phones forever.

Social media users quickly jumped on the flaws in Buttigieg’s arguments. There were reasons why cell phones were better than landlines, whereas EVs have several drawbacks compared to gas-powered cars and the only way for EVs to be “competitive” is to crack down on traditional vehicles.

Moreover, landlines cost almost nothing compared to electric cars, and many Americans still use them.



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🔥 Finally, after sixteen-hundred consecutive stories about ‘Disease X,’ we got some good news from science. The Washington Post ran a surprisingly encouraging and optimistic story last week headlined, “Wait, does America suddenly have a record number of bees?Why yes, yes it does. According to WaPo, America’s critically important honeybee population has somehow survived decades of disaster and rebounded to an all-time high. From the USDA’s five-year survey:

image 7.png

How could this happen? The Post’s reporter buzzed around, doing some actual investigative journalism, and tracked the majority of the bee increase to Texas. It turns out that in 2012, Texas passed an agricultural property tax exemption for — you guessed it — beekeeping.

Several other states have followed suit; I happen to know Florida has similar rules. Pay less property tax by keeping bees. So simple.

The bee bounceback is wonderful news, but we’re not back in the woods yet, if you see what I mean. The colonies, even the kept colonies, continue collapsing much more often than they should from fungi and parasites. Natural bee colonies, which for obvious reasons are much harder (and riskier) to survey, may not have rebounded in the same vigorous way that kept bee colonies have improved.

The WaPo story ended with the heartwarming suggestion that, if you really want to help the bees, plant some flowers. Win-win.



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SCIENCE! NBC Affiliate's Attempt to Link NY-Area Earthquake to Climate Change Is Beyond Parody

Earlier today an earthquake was felt in parts of New York, New Jersey and elsewhere:

An earthquake rattled the Northeastern United States on Friday morning. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, but federal and local officials warned of possible aftershocks.
According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 4.8 magnitude quake was centered 7 kilometers north of Whitehouse Station, N.J., about 50 miles west of New York City, at a depth of 4.7 kilometers.
It could be felt as far as south as Washington, D.C., and as far north as Boston.

Because of the Dem/Media's "always be closing" mentality, you just knew somebody would try to make climate change enter the chat. Perhaps it was inevitable:

The headline for the NBC New York story ends with "experts weigh in," and if they're weighing in with anything but laughter they should be stripped of their "expert" title.

Large earthquakes occur at fault zones, or areas of fracture in the Earth's crust, where the rock will break. Most dangerous fault areas are on the West Coast, including California and Washington state.
Dr. Park indicated the continuous rise in sea levels can increase the amount of pressure exerted on the Earth's shelves and coastlines, resulting in mostly scattered and infrequent quakes with long lead times.
The positive takeaway is that experts say there is no need to be alarmed and no elevated quake is expected any time soon.


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Behind EV Push, a Wealth Transfer From Red to Blue Regions

According to an October 2023 report by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, as much as $48,000 of the cost of the average EV sold in the United States is paid, not by the owner, but in the form of “socialized costs” that are spread out among taxpayers and electricity consumers over a 10-year period.

These socialized costs come in the form of taxes, government subsidies, fuel economy credits paid by gas carmakers to EV manufacturers, and higher electricity bills as consumers absorb the capital costs required to expand the power grid and install new charging stations.

The report states that “the average model year 2021 EV would cost $48,698 more to own over a 10-year period without $22 billion in government favors given to EV manufacturers and owners.”

These dollars, which do not take into account the additional dollars that gas-car owners will likely pay for their vehicles as manufacturers are forced to make fewer of them, amount to a government-mandated wealth transfer to affluent EV owners, paid by those who often cannot afford to buy EVs.

The new EPA mandate is “aimed at accommodating a very narrow segment of the auto-buying public: wealthy, white Democrats who live in a handful of liberal communities,” Mr. Bryce said. “EV ownership is largely defined by class, ideology, and geography.”

In a February analysis of EV buyers, Mr. Bryce reported that 57 percent of them earn more than $100,000 annually, 75 percent are male, and 87 percent are white. In addition, EV buyers are overwhelmingly Democrats, with 71 percent of Republicans stating in a Gallup poll that they would not consider owning an electric vehicle.

A 2023 University of California Energy Institute report found “a strong and enduring correlation between political ideology and U.S. EV adoption.”

Looking at county-level data on new vehicle registrations between 2012 and 2022, the report stated that 50 percent of all new EVs were sold into the top 10 percent of most-Democrat counties, with 70 percent going to the top 25 percent most-Democrat counties, and 90 percent going to the top 50 percent most-Democrat counties.

Twenty counties bought 40 percent of all EVs sold in this period, the report states, and “most of these counties are urban, high-income, and in Democratic states.”