Climate Nutter Protests


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Hayhoe takes pride in blocking not just internet trolls, but anyone who shares content she deems “hate.”


Users who questioned her methods were scolded and told to review her previous posts purporting “humans are the dominant source of warming.”


“As a female climate scientist, blocking is the only thing that makes my engagement here on Twitter/X possible,” Hayhoe wrote last year, openly worrying that people who see an alternate viewpoint on climate change will “engage with it.”

Hayhoe is described by the New York Times as “one of the nation’s most effective communicators on climate change.” Several people claiming to be her former students asserted on Rate My Professor that she inappropriately used university resources to propagandize students in favor of the leftist climate change agenda she professionally touts.

One reviewer who allegedly took the class in 2022 said Hayhoe used a “misleading” course description to lure students into her classroom under the guise of a political science credit for upperclassmen. Her ultimate goal, however, was “creating climate activists” out of them.

Another accused the “closed minded” Hayhoe of “using political science to propagate her activism.”

“She should not be teaching this course as a Political Science class. This course was focused on proving her claims as a climatologist rather than focusing on the political division the subject causes like she promised. She lied about the intent,” the 2022 review states.

In a 2020 post, Hayhoe admitted that Texas Tech students are less willing to take a class if it contains the word “climate” because “they are self-selecting and not taking it if they don’t accept the science.”

“If the content includes climate but it’s not in the title, they were. Which is a bigger problem IMHO!” she wrote.



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So apparently there's a hashtag, #SummerofHeat, along with a website, We haven't visited the site, but we do know that, yes, it's hot in the summer. That's called weather.

Climate alarmists decided to converge on Citibank Wednesday to protest its funding of fossil fuels, which were probably responsible for getting all of those protesters there.