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Boudin sausage is eaten like regular sausage, casing and all. "Boudin" is what's inside - rice, meat and seasonings. Then you do something with it, like make balls and fry them, or use it in stuffing, or squirt it in a casing for sausage.
Okay. The few times I was down in Morgan City, it appeared the locals cut the casing and scraped out the filling.

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Okay. So I'm not crazy.
I'm sure someone would disagree with you. :whistle:

Not that eating casing bothers me.
Nope, just find it to be chewy and take it off. Did you know boudin sausage is basically dirty rice, then stuffed into a casing?

What Is Boudin? (

A friend had the boudin seasoning and would make a killer dip with dried beef, cream cheese, and sour cream with chopped dill pickles.


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Not a fan. Now alligator sausage hot off the grill and plopped into a fresh baguette with spicy brown mustard is worth slapping somebody.

I ate alligator when I was in NOLA so now I never have to do it again. Fried gator bites are pretty good but the sausage was barf. Too reptilian tasting for me.


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You should start a poll.
I got him a


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Eat a reptile and find out :jet:
Well lessee...I eat snake in Korea and China and that's pretty good eating. ( one-eyed snake cracks..'kay?) I've had alligator in gumbo but coulda been chicken for all the other flavors in there.

When the alligators can be caught here in the St. Mary's River, I'll put one on the smoker.