Greetings from Lafayette LA


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Let's see, how does that go.....

Oh yeah.....

"They may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I wouldn't eat the filthy motherf***er. "


I've actually eaten snake before - ick. Reptilian.
Just think of it as a terrestrial fish! :biggrin:


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Well lessee...I eat snake in Korea and China and that's pretty good eating. ( one-eyed snake cracks..'kay?) I've had alligator in gumbo but coulda been chicken for all the other flavors in there.

When the alligators can be caught here in the St. Mary's River, I'll put one on the smoker.
Sign me up !


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This morning we went to the farmer's market in Lafayette and bought 6 million different desserts. Monello is a sweet snacker, I'm a salty, and I normally don't care about pastries et al but I couldn't resist the little cherry pies. And the homemade strawberry poptart with pistachios. And of course I had to get a praline from the Queen. And then this other lady had homemade Steen cake (this is similar to gingerbread - real gingerbread, not cookies). And the fabulous honey cake that the vendor was handing out samples of to reel in addicts. And homemade OCP, with two amazing oatmeal cookies filled with thick cinnamon cream.

Then we headed for Vermilionville and the historic Cajun/Creole village. This is a bayou ferry that we encountered in our walking tour. Monello was like, "I wonder if it works or is just an exhibit?" Me: "Let's find out!" So we picked up the rope and ferried ourselves across the water - it was really cool!


At some point we had lunch at Hideaway on Lee, which is a cute place with courtyard seating and entertainment in the evenings. Monello had the brunch hash, and I had the brunch burger. Yum yum!


Then we went to several Cajun markets just in case Monello needed more cracklins. I ended up getting what they call "stuffed bread", that are similar to what we call runzas in NE, but without the cabbage. It's spicy meat mixture wrapped in bread dough and baked - I didn't like to ask what kind of meat it was because it was tasty and I didn't want to ruin it for myself. And example of what they sell at these markets:


It was a fun day and we're unlikely to ever get back the Lafayette, so I want to make sure I saw all the cool stuff.