Maskless is Dangerous!


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If I may ...

^This is what regular masks are made for. Larger particulate matter like dust and pollen. Though when those N95 masks, even with the valve, get moisture laden, it does become a chore to breath. Need constant changing in the summer humid months.
I got one of those cheap plastic face shields for cutting metal, best thing I ever wore to keep the shaving gas out of my face. I also wear it when weed whacking now too.

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The powers that be freaked out after that one student study, now nobody is allowed to wear a gaiter, I asked if I could cut it in half and turn into a mask if it would be ok, I got the stink eye.
People are stupid, A few weeks back I had a plant supervisor remind one of us to wear his mask.
While telling him he had dicknose hanging out of the top of his
I like the gators because if i'm in a dusty area or i'm grinding I can easily double or triple up on the layers to filter my air.