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This led Yahr to scratch her chin again and come up with another Washington Post feature: "Beyoncé has a country hit. How will country radio handle that?"

Country radio seems to be handling it by playing it if it's at the top of the charts.

The "controversy" seems to be over one country radio DJ who didn't know Beyoncé had a country album out. Yahr writes:

When Beyoncé released a video during the Super Bowl that featured the plucking of a banjo, followed by two country-sounding songs titled “Texas Hold ’Em” and “16 Carriages,” the internet lit up with anticipation. After years of hints, Beyoncé was embracing her Texas roots and making a country album, scheduled to drop March 29. Two days later, an online fury erupted: A fan emailed a small Oklahoma radio station and requested “Texas Hold ’Em,” only to receive a reply that read, “‘We do not play Beyoncé on KYKC as we are a country music station.”
The fan posted the email on social media and KYKC was flooded with furious messages that pointed to the incident as an example of racism in a majority-White genre that has long sidelined Black singers, ever since the music charts separated “hillbilly music” from “race records” in the early 20th century.
In media interviews, the Oklahoma station manager said he had missed the news that Beyoncé released a country single, and after seeing the passionate response, added the song to the station’s playlist. (That same day, Sony Music Nashville, owned by the same parent company as Beyoncé's Columbia Records,
started officially promoting the song to country radio.) But the viral incident inspired a wave of online discourse that many in the industry have been having for years about the lack of success that artists of color have found in country music, despite the genre’s roots in Black culture.

"But the viral incident inspired a wave of online discourse that many in the industry have been having for years about the lack of success that artists of color have found in country music, despite the genre’s roots in Black culture." Oh, shut up. If more blacks made country records, country radio would be playing more black artists.



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Axios Notices Elon Musk Is Painting Biden’s Re- Election as a Threat to America

We'll just point out the obvious that you're going to have to back Donald Trump if you don't want four more years of Bidenomics.

Zachary Basu writes:

In public and in private, Elon Musk is increasingly treating the prospect of President Biden's re-election as an urgent — even existential — threat to America.
Why it matters: Musk hasn't endorsed former President Trump. But the billionaire X owner has made no secret of his disdain for Biden's policies, leveraging his massive online platform to denigrate Democrats and promote Trump's messaging on the 2024 election's top issues.
Chief among them is immigration. Musk has shared the conspiracy theory that Biden is intentionally "importing" millions of undocumented immigrants to boost Democrats' political power, as well as numerous posts portraying immigrants as security threats.
"There is either a red wave this November or America is doomed," Musk posted this weekend, responding to a video about New York City's migrant crisis. "Imagine four more years of this getting worse."

Ah, the "conspiracy theory" that Biden is leaving the border open on purpose … like the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan. We'll play the part of conspiracy theorist: Every time Gov. Greg Abbott puts up some kind of barrier to deter illegal aliens from crossing, the Biden administration files a lawsuit. President Joe Biden claims he needs Congress to give him the authority to close the border when he could do it just by reinstating those executive orders he eliminated on his first day in office.

So what if Musk believes that Biden would import another 8 million illegal immigrants in his second term? Name one thing Biden has done to prove him wrong.



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That's hilarious.

Setting up a state-run media. What could possibly go wrong?

More from Jacobin:

Solutions are particularly urgent now. In 2023, local newspaper closures shot up to a dismal 2.5 per week. More than two hundred counties — almost all places where working-class and poor people live — are now “news deserts” where people no longer know what’s happening at their statehouses or their courthouses.
Near-term policy reform is just the beginning, of course. To create an equitable and sustainable media ecosystem, we should change our mindset about and framing of what media is. Not-for-profit media must become the norm — not the exception. Media, after all, is a form of education.
We should, for example, consider a return to a Works Progress Administration (WPA) model, where 6,600 reporters were sent out into the field, underwritten by the government, as part of the New Deal’s response to the Great Depression, covering the lives of some of the poorest Americans. Our organization, the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, is a version of this — only, given the absence of WPA-style policy programs of late, without the public funding part. We support hundreds of journalists, a good number of them financially struggling, to report on their experiences and communities and then copublish them nationally. But we are a staff of four, and this is a nonprofit that we raise money for each year. The government needs a version of what we are doing on a much larger scale.



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Later, he got Newsweek to run a rapid response for him:

The headline is not quite a ‘Republicans pounce' variant, but it’s got the vibe:

‘Barron Trump 'Fair Game' Comment Enrages Republicans’
Frankly, it enrages any human whose moral compass isn’t completely blinkered by politics. We have no doubt that if you asked ten random Democrats on the streets, they would say what Sington said was wrong. So, to pretend that only Republicans are upset by this is deceptive at best.

In any case, he’s been in Newsweek’s direct messages and this is what he had to say for himself:

Sington told Newsweek via X direct message on Wednesday: ‘I posted he was 'fair game' now, meaning, as an adult, he's 'fair game' for criticism from the press.
‘Someone pointed out to me 'fair game' could mean fair game to be harmed. I don't wish physical harm on anyone, so I took it down. I listen to the comments and criticism I receive.’

Which is a bit of a misrepresentation of the controversy. What it actually sounded like to most people is that he was saying that Barron was romantically fair game for creepy old guys like him because he reached the age of consent. Shiver. There are, after all, weird people who will absolutely say exactly that, as referenced in this listicle:



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I love how the results, of decades, of their leftist bull$#!t somehow surprises her.



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“From the beginning of this investigation, Owasso Police observed many indications that this death was the result of suicide,” the police statement said. “However, investigators did not wish to confirm that information without the final results being presented by the Oklahoma Medical Examiners Office.”

The LGBTQ activists needed Dagny "Nex" Benedict to be their own George Floyd so badly. She was beaten to death in a school bathroom because she was nonbinary. The media immediately published stories blaming Libs of TikTok and the Oklahoma legislature for creating such a hostile environment for LGBTQ people in Oklahoma.

California State Senator Scott Wiener blamed "aggressive gender policing in bathrooms."

Police bodycam video from the hospital made it clear that the fight was not all it was made out to be and that Benedict had started it; in fact, an LGBTQ activist posted "Your commitment to justice for Nex isn't lessened by not watching or listening to it." In other words, don't watch the video.

President Joe Biden even put out an official statement on Benedict's death, even after a medical examiner had determined she died from an overdose of Prozac and Benadryl, not blunt force trauma to the head.

Ari Drennen, who reports on LGBTQ issues for Media Matters for America, refers to Benedict as "him" and notes that the students with whom he fought won't be charged.



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Twitter Offers Hilarious Responses When NYP Asks What Would Happen if DC Got Nuked

The left sure seems to be obsessed with nuclear weapons and nuclear war these days. Two days ago, we wrote about a new Gen Z 'nuclear disarmament consultant' on TikTok with pipe dreams of a nuke-free world. Then yesterday, The New York Post asked everyone to imagine what would happen to Washington, DC, if it got hit with a nuclear bomb.

Umm, we're not really nuclear physicists here, but we're pretty sure the city would be destroyed. Next question?

Of course, the full article -- which is an excerpt from author Annie Jacobson's new book, 'Nuclear War: A Scenario' -- is dedicated to depicting exactly what happens when a population center is hit with a nuclear weapon, second by gruesome second. The article is extremely long, so we won't bore you with all of it (since everyone Gen X or older already knows all this), but here is a sampling:

Hell on Earth. Washington, DC, Possibly Sometime in the Near Future
A 1-megaton thermonuclear weapon detonation begins with a flash of light and heat so tremendous it is impossible for the human mind to comprehend. One hundred and eighty million degrees Fahrenheit is four or five times hotter than the temperature at the center of the sun.
In the first fraction of a millisecond after the bomb strikes the Pentagon, there is light. Soft X-ray light with a very short wavelength. The light superheats the surrounding air to millions of degrees, creating a massive fire-ball that expands at millions of miles per hour. Within seconds, this fireball increases to a diameter of a little more than a mile, its light and heat so intense that concrete surfaces explode, metal objects melt or evaporate, stone shatters, humans instantaneously convert into combusting carbon. The five-story, five-sided structure and everything inside its 6.5 million square feet of office space explodes into superheated dust; all 27,000 Pentagon employees perishing instantly.

Jacobson goes on like this for another FIFTEEN paragraphs. We can't imagine how miserable anyone must be who reads her whole book.

But again, everyone KNOWS this. At least everyone who lived through the 80s knows this. It was hammered into our brains every day.

So, what is the point of all of this ghoulish description of the gory details? Partially, it might be another quixotic fantasy of a nuclear-free world, but mostly we think the point is simply fearmongering. Something that is the media's stock in trade.

Unfortunately for the Post and Jacobson, Twitter does not easily get scared into submission anymore. (The left can blame all their COVID lies for helping that along.) Accordingly, people responded with hilarious mocking and scorn.