New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland


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Was at Dennis Point Marina yesterday and met the young guy taking over the restaurant and bar. Opening up in a week or so....forgot what he said the new name was going to be. Sure would be nice if he made a good go of it. It's a great location but has had some sketchy restaurant operations over the years.
Crane Creek Bar and Grill...that's the latest name of the restaurant and bar at Dennis Point Marina. Fingers crossed...


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Before I make a jackass out of myself tomorrow @Gilligan - is that wine a real thing? You know I'm going to ask when I go there right?
Have I ever lead you wrong?..have I ever been not serious?...have I ever displayed even a hint of a sense of humor?...I ask you..

But ask anyway..Paul will get a laff out of it..


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Have you had Trossbach's? That's probably a stupid question - you've been here longer than I have. I don't know what it is about them but honest to God best peaches I've ever had.
Trossbach's is down near Scotland correct on the way to Pt. Lookout ?


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No, I remember, and God knows (unfortunately -He sees you when you do stuff like this or so I've been told) I've watched enough television, but I thought he had to be hard and if you got lucky (meaning the female part of this equation) all you had to do was fake a few things and two minutes later it was over. Not much required for my part - definitely not being hard. That about sums it up right?
You went to the wrong school. Fake? Two minutes? That's not even the warm ups.
Got to train, it's about endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength, all important in burning calories.

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WALDORF, Md. - Charles County, Maryland will be the site of a new Amazon Last Mile "Delivery Station" – one of seven such facilities slated to open in Maryland. Amazon's Charles County operation will be based in Waldorf's St. Charles Industrial Park and open in time for the 2020 holiday season.

Amazon's Waldorf facilities will occupy three existing industrial properties and will reactivate a 191,746-square-foot warehouse/distribution building that has been vacant since 2010. Two other parcels will be used for employee parking and storage of delivery vehicles. The three properties total almost 32 acres with over 290,000 square feet of existing industrial space.



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