New chipotle in Charlotte hall is awful


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I had the same issue with Firehouse subs. The pastrami was full of gristle. I complained. Eventually it changed back to more meat, less gristle.

Agree 100% about Chipotle in Charlotte Hall. Went there last week, asked for guacamole, she took a scoop, shook off the excess and plopped a small scoop on my order. I looked at her and said " seriously, that's it"? $3 for a small scoop of guac !!!!!! The place is a mess. Hope they get it straightened out soon.


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My son said he finds hard bits of chewy steak and won't go there anymore (Chipotle) and you'll never see me "refresh" at Subway as their meat quality did not improve from what I hear and they just did a big media campaign to get more customers I was told. Telling us it's better to scam us doesn't make it "refreshed".
Reminds me of the Domino's refresh. For several years after they did their makeover their pizza was great. Went from dead last in my list to my favorite. Now it's back to last. Guess they crunched the numbers and decided that the additional customers they garnered from having edible pizza wasn't worth the cost.


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I heard Wawa has a great pizza now. Saw a guy walking out with one who said it was his 4th. I wanted one a different day but the menu said only after 4pm ok darn. Anyone else tried it yet?

I have been by there a few times and they have not been busy. Personally, I never liked Chipotle, but I love Mexican food. 🤷

And, IMO, WAWA makes better subs than Subway or Firehouse.


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Sheetz on Great Mills Rd make an awesome Steak & Cheese.
Boom Boom sauce is great.
When I was running back and forth a lot after my mom had a stroke I ate at Sheetz in Hagerstown a lot and the food was always better than McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's. Hate to admit but I got fond of gas station food. Their Boss Burger was one of my favorites.


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I found Wawa pizza to be far too "doughy". Very limited options as well. Doesn't help it costs twice as much as the other chain brands. I'll stick to Mod Pizza for half the price, half the dough and unlimited toppings.