Quarantine workouts


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That may be it. Got any recommendations for maybe you tube stuff that would walk you through it or is that something better handled through a personal trainer. I think I'm probably going to keep it up - already reached the guilty if I don't do it point and that's normally what keeps me going with something. Thanks for getting back to me.
I like bodybuilding.com for articles... they should have plenty of home workouts you can use.


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I thought I’d share my home gym tour and current Covid workout. Since quarantine started, I’ve lost 25 lbs because I figured why not? I’ve always been a fitness guy, gym rat and remember getting my first Weider concrete filled weight set when I was eleven years old. Anyway, I currently do 21 miles a week on the elliptical. I used to do that and swim 5,000 meters a week in addition to boxing twice a week and weight training M-F. Now I no longer swim and my boxing is only 10 rounds each Friday.



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I'm sure there's a government funded study pending that shows most spent their time doing the Six-Minute Workout.


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I've been working my way up over the last three months or so..

Be up to a case a day soon.
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