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The Emoji Movie


I fell asleep.

Update: tried twice more, fell asleep twice more.
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Christmas with the Kranks. It is an older movie, but it is wonderful. Seen it many times. We just watched it, yesterday. It is the epitome of Christmas. 5/5


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I heard the visuals were great. I've watched various WWII docs... I know a little bit about it so I'll do a little research before I watch it. Thanks!
Watched it last night. I enjoyed it, but I knew the story behind it. If you dont, it will seem a little confusing and boring.


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"The Mountain between us" 2/5. Very predictable and boring.:yawn: Too bad though, it could've been a good action movie. The best thing was the dog.


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Hostiles 3.5/5

Good story but a little slow in some places.


I can't rate it. The premise of the story is pretty accurate, but I think that a lot of it was overblown IRT the physical haunting, especially the violent part that was actually the 1906 earthquake.

I had to see it because I grew up in the area and was around it a good part of my life. And a place I never visited until way after I moved away. Kinda like Alcatraz. :lol:


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I can't believe I sat through the whole thing.