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I'm a credit to my gender
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Wow, Monello. Blast from the past. I see mamatutu is in the line up. How fun is this! Nice bump. Where is Hank? I miss him so. :bawl:
I bumped this over 4 years ago. You must have really slow internet in MoCo. How in the world did you think to reply to this thread?


I'm a credit to my gender
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We do it all the time because it's a small thing that makes the other person happy.

That is a lot bigger deal than some people might think.

That's why I stop and get you a fizzy soda when I go by the C store. Or hot oil, depending on the day.

Funny how often the little things take minimal effort but give the most satisfaction to both parties.

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No, maybe that's the difference (and the key). :lol:

I've been in a number of long-term live-in relationships though, and that's been my experience even in those relationships - i.e., even dealing with them on a constant, day in day out basis, long after the infatuation of the unknown has passed. It's of course not the same as being married in some important ways though.

EDIT: Do you mean to suggest to me that women, who aren't otherwise, become insufferable or just very demanding when they get married?
Women are not any more complicated than most men. Men that think they are, are just being obtuse, or maybe even self absorbed.


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My wife is the best recipe reader! I actually look forward to leftovers but my oldest boy also enjoys her cooking.