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5 Things to Know About Trump's Gag Orders

1. The DC Order Is Unprecedented​

U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan's gag order restricts President Trump's ability to speak about that case and its underlying events. Assuming that President Trump wins the GOP nomination, his main opponent is currently slated to be the man whose administration is prosecuting him for how he challenged the results of their previous contest.

President Trump's legal team cited two cases that resemble their client's case but weren't anywhere near the scale of a presidential election. One involved an appellate court overturning a gag order on former Rep. Harold E. Ford (D-Tenn.). The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled in 1987 that Mr. Ford "is entitled to fight the obvious damage to his political reputation in the press and in the court of public opinion, as well as in the courtroom and on the floor of Congress. He will soon be up for reelection."

2. Orders Could Limit How Trump Campaigns​

3. Headed Toward Appeals​

4. Stiff Penalties for Defiance​

5. Not Hurting His Popularity​



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Trump Lawyers Go on Offense, Seek Mistrial in NYC Fraud Case

President Trump’s lawyers went on offense on Wednesday and asked a judge to grant a mistrial in the civil fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Trump’s lawyers argued that the fraud case was tainted by bias.

Radical Marxist New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking $250 million in ‘damages’ when there is no victim in this fraud case and she is also seeking to ban Trump and his sons from operating any businesses in New York.

Far-left Judge Arthur Engoron has displayed bizarre behavior in the court by smiling for the cameras. He has also shown clear bias against Trump and recently expanded his gag order to Trump’s attorneys.

CNBC reported:

Donald Trump and his co-defendants asked a judge Wednesday to grant a mistrial in the $250 million civil business fraud case that threatens the former president’s business empire.
In a court filing, attorneys for Trump, his two adult sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, the Trump Organization and its top executives argued that “the evidence of apparent and actual bias” in the case is “tangible and overwhelming.”
The 30-page filing in Manhattan Supreme Court targeted the presiding judge, Arthur Engoron, as well as his principal law clerk, claiming their conduct has “tainted these proceedings” and that “only the grant of a mistrial can salvage what is left of the rule of law.”

Rep. Stefanik provided several examples of Judge Engoron’s clear judicial bias against Trump and overall bizarre behavior in court:

[1] At the start of the trial, Judge Engoron infamously smiled and posed for the cameras.

[2] After the defendant won an appellate ruling against Judge Engoron on the appropriate statute of limitations in this case, the judge simply ignored the ruling.

[3] Judge Engoron entered summary judgment against the defendant before the trial even began, without witnesses, other evidence, and cross-examination. This, despite the fact there’s disputed material evidence–and there’s no victim of the defendant’s supposed fraud. Indeed, as the trial evidence has made clear, the defendant paid back the sophisticated Wall Street banks, on time, in full, with interest, as agreed.

[4] No insurance company paid a penny. And these banks and insurance companies, supposedly defrauded, continue to do business with the defendant. Yet Judge Engoron decreed before trial the defendant somehow committed fraud. Now, the judge is holding a trial–with no jury–to determine how much of Tish James’ requested $250 million in damages–with no victims–he will extract from the defendant.

“How does this not violate the defendant’s Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial?” Stefanik wrote.

Stefanik also said Judge Engoron illegally gagged Trump and his attorneys and quoted Engoron: “We are not here to listen to what you have to say.” He told the defendant’s counsel: “I am not here to hear what he has to say, now sit down!” And Judge Engoron even threatened the defendant’s counsel if he filed a routine motion for a directed verdict: “You better not, Chris!”


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Fulton County judge indicates he'll issue protective order in Trump case after confidential video disclosure

"On November 13, 2023, confidential video recordings of proffers conducted by the State with certain witnesses pursuant to guilty plea agreements were published by ABC News and other media outlets," the Tuesday filing from the Fulton County District Attorney's Office said.

During Wednesday's hearing, the state and nearly all defendants in the case agreed to to a proposal under which the DA's office would designate which discovery material they consider sensitive and give defendants an opportunity to challenge that. Material designated as sensitive would then fall under a protective order to keep it from being made public.

"Everything that we've turned over, we believe were prepared to go through it to say what's sensitive and what's not," special prosecutor Nathan Wade told the judge.

An attorney for co-defendant Harrison Floyd said that his client opposed a protective order entirely. An attorney representing multiple media outlets, not including ABC News, argued against a protective order in the case, saying the standard for such an order had not been met.

Still, Judge McAfee indicated he would issue some sort of protective order, saying that it would "mitigate" any issues surrounding the potential jury pool and keep the discovery process flowing.


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In win for Trump, judge stays gag order in New York civil fraud case

Engoron's top clerk, Allison Greenfield, has faced accusations of making excessive political contributions in violation of judicial rules. Trump attorney Christopher Kise last week informed the court that it was considering seeking a mistrial in light of those claims. Engoron subsequently imposed a second gag order that applied not just to Trump, but his entire legal team.

Friedman's decision applies to Trump and his attorneys, permitting them to criticize the judge and his staff while the appeal moves forward.

The case itself involves allegations from New York Attorney General Letitia James that Trump manipulated the value of his assets to securable favorable loan terms and lower insurance premiums. Engoron previously ruled in summary judgement that Trump had done so, setting up a contentious trial to address the remainder of James's claims.


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Appeals court panel appears critical of Trump gag order in D.C. case

Chutkan's order barred Trump from attacking herself, court staff, the prosecution, and witnesses. The appeals court heard arguments over the order on Monday and the judges signaled some skepticism of the order's parameters.

Judge Patricia Millett, for instance, expressed concerns that the order would effectively prevent Trump from discussing a pertinent issue during the 2024 presidential campaign.

"He has to speak 'Miss Manners' while everyone else is throwing targets at him?" she asked, according to Politico. "It would be really hard in a debate, when everyone else is going at you full bore. Your attorneys would have to have scripted little things you can say."