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Did We All Agree That People Can Only Write About Their Own Race? This Girl Seems to Think We Did

'We all agreed' did we? Maybe that item on the last election ballot was in very small print so we overlooked it?

The description of the book in the announcement by the author (which has since been taken down) says it's:

about a young woman spending the summer with her wealthy aunt and uncle in Greenwich, CT, who develops an obsessive crush on the family's Black nanny and must decide who to protect after a tragic accident occurs, exploring the insidiousness of privilege and complicity and the ways that whiteness and power protect their own.'

We're going to be honest; this doesn't sound like a page turner to us. But it seems like the sort of thing that gets published these days, hits all the right culture war notes of being an important book... and like we said, when did we all agree that white people can only ever write about white people?