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Target toothbrush guy David Leavitt wants help getting Breitbart’s Joel Pollak off of Twitter for attacking him

David Leavitt, the pro-gun control guy who called the cops to bring their guns to Target over a mispriced toothbrush, is being a douche again. Breitbart senior editor at large, Joel Pollak, said something mean about one of his tweets and now he’s on a crusade to get Pollak thrown off of Twitter. The drama began here:

Toothbrush Boy David Leavitt Throws Another Tantrum, Says the New Twitter 'Protecting Nazis'

Poor David Leavitt. No matter how hard he tries to be taken seriously, he just keeps stepping on rakes. We're all familiar with the 'award-winning' journalist's greatest hits. Most famously, of course, in 2020, he argued with -- and even called the police on -- an employee at Target for refusing to sell him a toothbrush for a penny. He has never lived that down and it has earned him the nickname 'Toothbrush Boy.'

But he's had plenty of other embarrassing or just plain awful moments, mostly on Twitter. In 2017, he mocked the victims of a suicide bomb attack at Manchester Arena in England. He also mocked Elon Musk when one of his SpaceX rockets exploded in 2021, even though SpaceX has launched more than 300 rockets with a 99.4 percent success rate. Recently, he threw a tantrum at Musk when someone on Twitter called Leavitt the 'c-word,' except Twitter users buried him by showing how many times he himself has used that insult.

Maybe Leavitt just isn't very good at tweeting.

Yesterday, Leavitt had himself another social media hissy fit, claiming that under Musk, Twitter 'protects Nazis,' while claiming that previous Twitter heads Jack Dorsey and Parag Agrawal banned them.

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"i wish black people would just refuse to create for the next 6 months"

Question: Will that also include the other things they create like Robberies, Burgleries, Smash and Grabs, Murders, Car-Jackings, Rapes and Drug Dealing?


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Gheez ...... Promise, hell let's make it a year

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I think 6 months is too small of a sample to provide useful data. I recommend a minimum of 25 years so the data can be irrefutable and another 10 years for peer review.