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For the left, the Israel issue always comes down to two answers.

1) Israel is a white supremacist colonialist power oppressing the helpless Palestinians after stealing their land

2) Crazy religious nuts fighting over 2,000-year-old arguments over who God gave land to

They really can't see anything else. It's either filtered through their CRT worldview or it's filtered through their anti-Christian worldview.



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So, has anyone documented the killings of queer and trans people there yet?

Very Few Trans are being murder for ' being ' trans ...

1. Lying to a straight guy who loses his crap when he finds out he has been kissing a dude
2. Self Deleting
3. The Usual Crimes affecting EVERYONE Else


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Majority Report DEMANDS You Ignore Crime

Progressives - The Wave of Crime is All IN YOUR HEAD ....... like Inflation



The novel says that the Ministry of Truth uses a jargon "not actually Newspeak, but consisting largely of Newspeak words" for its internal memos. As many of the words in this list (e.g. "bb", "upsub") come from such memos, it is not certain whether those words are actually Newspeak.

  • ante — the prefix that replaces before
  • artsemartificial insemination
  • bbBig Brother[a]
  • bellyfeel — the blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea
  • blackwhite — to accept whatever one is told, regardless of the facts. In the novel, it is described as "to say that black is white when [the Party says so]" and "to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary". (See also 2 + 2 = 5)
  • crimestop — to rid oneself of or fail to understand unorthodox thoughts that go against Ingsoc's ideology
  • crimethink — thoughts and concepts that go against Ingsoc such as liberty, equality, and privacy, and also the criminal act of holding such thoughts. Frequently referred to by the standard English “thoughtcrime”.
  • dayorder — order of the day
  • dep — department
  • doubleplusgood — the word that replaces Oldspeak words meaning "superlatively good", such as excellent, fabulous, and fantastic
  • doubleplusungood — the word that replaces Oldspeak words meaning "superlatively bad", such as terrible and horrible
  • doublethink — the act of simultaneously believing two, mutually contradictory ideas
  • duckspeak — automatic, vocal support of political orthodoxies
  • equal — the same in amount or quantity. Not used in the sense of having equal rights or freedoms.
  • facecrime — a facial expression which reveals that one has committed thoughtcrime
  • Ficdep — the Ministry of Truth's Fiction Department
  • free — the absence and the lack of something. "Intellectually free" and "politically free" have been replaced by crimethinkful.
  • fullwise — the word that replaces words such as fully, completely, and totally
  • goodthink — a synonym for "political orthodoxy" and "a politically orthodox thought" as defined by the Party
  • goodsex — sexual intercourse only for procreation, without any physical pleasure on the part of the woman, and strictly within marriage
  • goodwise — the word that replaces well as an adverb
  • Ingsoc — English Socialism (the political ideology of the Party)
  • joycamplabour camp
  • malquoted — inaccurate representations of the words of Big Brother and of the Party, often used to justify revision of historical records
  • Miniluv — the Ministry of Love, where the secret police interrogate and torture the enemies of Oceania (torture and brainwashing)
  • Minipax — the Ministry of Peace, which wages war for Oceania
  • Miniplenty — the Ministry of Plenty, which keeps the population in continual economic hardship (starvation and rationing)
  • Minitrue — the Ministry of Truth, which manufactures consent by way of lies, propaganda, and distorted historical records, while supplying the proles (proletariat) with synthetic culture and entertainment
  • Oldspeak — Standard English
  • oldthink — ideas from the time before the Party's revolution, such as objectivity and rationalism
  • ownlife — a person's anti-social tendency to enjoy solitude and individualism
  • plusgood — the word that replaces Oldspeak words meaning "very good", such as great
  • plusungood — the word that replaces "very bad"
  • Pornosec — the pornography production section (Porno Sector) of the Ministry of Truth's Fiction Department
  • prolefeedpopular culture for entertaining Oceania's working class
  • Recdep — the Ministry of Truth's Records Department, where Winston Smith rewrites historical records so they conform to the Party's agenda
  • rectify — the Ministry of Truth's euphemism for distorting a historical record
  • ref — to refer (to someone or something)
  • sec — sector
  • sexcrime — a sexual immorality, such as fornication, adultery, oral sex, and homosexuality; any sex act that deviates from Party directives to use sex only for government approved procreation
  • speakwrite — a machine that transcribes speech into text
  • Teledep — the Ministry of Truth's Telecommunications Department
  • telescreen — a two-way television set with which the Party spies upon Oceania's population
  • thoughtcrime describes the personal beliefs that are contrary to the accepted norms of society
  • thinkpol — the Thought Police, the secret police force of Oceania's government
  • unperson — an executed person whose existence is erased from history and memory
  • upsub — an upwards submission to higher authority


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How do you survive life going around knowing there are people out there who do not like you ?

Are You Feeding Me, Financing Me or Fuc king Me :sshrug:



Power with Control

Iknowright!!!!! Last time I was in FL and Texas (once in FL, twice in Texas in this last year). it was raining gays from the rooftops!!!!!!! The jackbooted thugs kicking women were everywhere......... Oh wait, that didnt happen.


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I'll start a Go Fund Me for ANY of these progressives that think life in Islamic countries id better than the US

A recent conversation with a friend overseas;

She is a 24 yr old who is Turkish, her parents immigrated to Austria after she was born, and holds an Austrian Citizenship