Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

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We watched rescues for several years for a golden or golden mix. One (1) came up recently. It was a lost and found. I tried to adopt him, but the lady who found her decided to keep her. Every golden mix I saw was mixed with something I absolutely didn't want, or it looked like they really didn't know what it was and just pulled a breed name out of their butts.


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Agreed. Although If I became independently wealthy and had the time and money, I believe I would take on geriatric pups that need the extra tender time and care. I enjoyed my old ladies. Towards the end the 16 1/2 year old was getting bi-weekly lavender spa warm baths in a round wash tub. The soothing heat was good for her and the baths kept her clean since she could no longer do the job too well. I even diapered her at bedtimes because she'd sleep through her morning pee time and it kept her from waking up wet. It wasn't long after that I had to make the decision we all hate to make.
I'm so sorry for your loss - having gone through it with my son and his black lab; I know how hard it can be. Hope you find another as soon as you're ready - you sound like an awesome owner.


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I've never had purebred dogs. When I was a kid, we had a St. Bernard Collie mix. Great Dog! When I wanted my own dog, went to Tri-county and picked a pup out of a litter...or I should say, she picked me out. German Shepherd mix, got her when she was 8 weeks old. She lived to be 18. Another fantastic dog! We now have a boxer/shepherd mix we adopted from a woman who rescued her. She was 4 years old at that time, we've had her for 7 years now. Other than not being to keen on other dogs, she has been another great dog. I would prefer to go to the shelters and rescues before buying from a breeder, but, I would also prefer a puppy instead of a mature dog. That way you raise them, socialize them and know what there personality is.
Another problem I have seen with shelters is the adoption costs and accurate history. As far as cost, I know they need to recoup some of their expenses but sometimes the fee they want to charge is just unrealistic. Recently I had looked at available dogs at Tri-County online and was shocked when I saw they wanted $300+ to adopt a 15yr old dog. There were other much younger dogs also available for ~$275. It seems age isn't a factor when they place an adoption fee on them. Also, I have found that history they have on older animals is often vague and incorrect so you may adopt something with a behavior that you are not prepared for or you have the resources, time, or ability to address. I don't care how great of a dog it may be but given the option of paying $1000 for a puppy I could have for 12+ years and know the complete history of or $300 for a 15yr old that I truly have no verified history on and could die next month from old age, I'll take the puppy.

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If you are looking for breed specific traits and temperaments, I can totally see buying a purebred dog from a legitimate breeder and paying that amount of money. I personally have always had mutts and they have all been amazing in their own ways. My favorite was a husky-shepherd mix. Smart, obedient, protective, and intensely loyal. And a bit intimidating at 130 pounds. :lol:


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I take all the rejects so you all don't have to. ;) I take the ugly, the nutty, and the old.

With that said, different strokes for different folks. 🤷 As long as you take care of your animal it's all good with me.

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I'm told it is a: Bernadoodle
A Bernadoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. I would think they would look more like the BMG with colors of black, tan, and white but I did a quick search and found they can also come in gray and white like your daughter's pooch. Cute but I pass on all that fur! :lol:


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@Christy remember when you assisted in rehoming Maggie with me? :huggy: Right here on the forums. God, I loved that dog. I miss her so much.

Everyone thought she was a shiba mix, but she ended up being pure Shiba Inu (don't I know it, that attitude!) Someone definitely payed a pretty penny for her at some point. Unfortunately, as they're a Japanese breed, they're notorious for being bred out of puppy mills. (ahem, Amish...) And because of their looks, people graviate to these dogs not understanding their nature or personalities, they just want them because they're small and adorable and spunky, but they often end up in rescues when they're too much for your average dog-owner. My neighbor proudly bought one from an "Amish Farm" in PA and I was horrified. He hadn't done any research on her either. He almost gave her up because she was so difficult and I gave him lots of advice and resources and even offered to take her but eventually he stopped treating her like a normal dog, and more like the queen shibs she was and they started to coexist better.

But I'd had previous experience with that breed and knew what to expect. That's why I scooped Maggie up as soon as I could: I've seen too many shibas rehomed multiple times because they are a difficult dog.

I've seen great outcomes with shelter dogs and pure-bred dogs alike. I've grown up with a weimaraner and an english lab. Our family had specific wants and needs in dogs. But we've always rescued cats. However, when I'm ready for another dog, if I'm not finding anything at the shelter, I'll probably look into a specific breed.
I do remember! She was a beauty. I am sorry she is no longer with us. You should post some pics!
If my husband wasn't so allergic to non-hypo dogs, I would have been all about homing that cutie with the cowlick swirl on top her head. I melt whenever I see her picture.


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If my husband wasn't so allergic to non-hypo dogs, I would have been all about homing that cutie with the cowlick swirl on top her head. I melt whenever I see her picture.
Oh you would LOVE her, but in order to get her, you'd have to take her mother (Lady) and her boo Slim. Slim and Lady get antsy when they can't find her.

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I paid 9k for my pitbull. It was money well spent.
The seller spent your money well.
The best part is, most likely you're not done shelling out cash over your poor choice of dog you purchased.

A fool and his money are soon parted.