Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?


My wacky niece, who makes more than I do at 23, bought some designer dog that is now as big as a horse. On top of whatever she paid for it, she paid $2000 to fly him across country in the cabin in a seat. ๐Ÿ˜ฟ

That is actually pretty funny.

I have a BUGG (Boston and a Pug mix) that my son paid $350 for.... 5 years later, I cannot find one under $1,000. They have become THAT popular.
I adore that girl. She is a fun dog.


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I have a MinPin (male) that came from a Shelter ($250 fee) and a Boston Terrier (female) that we took in from a friend of ours that had too many animals and not enough space. The MinPin was really bonded with my fiance, but since he passed away the Min has really gotten a lot closer to me.

I think of their personalities of being like Archie and Edith. He's grumpy and she is ditsy and carefree.



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The seller spent your money well.
The best part is, most likely you're not done shelling out cash over your poor choice of dog you purchased.

A fool and his money are soon parted.
I purchased a White Rhino Bully. If you do some research you will see that I made a pretty good investment getting this dog for 9k. I am going to start breeding her soon and will make a fortune. I should be able to make about 7-15k per puppy when I start selling them.