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    Supreme Court decides: Health care mandate stands

    Sad day. Another check on the ever growing list of signs that America is a shell of its old self and doomed to crash and burn. :ohwell:
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    Adidas cancels 'Shackle Shoes" ...

    I must have missed the part of the advertising that said only blacks could wear them.
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    Man alone in the children’s section

    You might have to apply a little common sense to figure that one out. Let me know if you need further assistance. I likely wouldn't use one of those either, figuring a parent might need the space. But last time I checked sitting on a bench was not a crime in of itself. You'd have to ask him...
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    Man alone in the children’s section

    That's sensible. If the "free candy" van guy pulls up next to a playground I would take notice, but if a guy is on a bench next to a playground and reading a book I wouldn't mind one bit. I certainly would not approach the guy on the bench, call him Mr. Perv, and insist he move.
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    Man alone in the children’s section

    This conversation is entertaining. I presume that since he has been called Dr. Perv repeatedly that his record of child abuse/molestation convictions has been made public. Or at the very least that he is confirmed to have been doing odd things in that section of the store. Where to next...
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    Nature friendly St. Charles

    Not to mention, what does Andy have to do with that?
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    Man alone in the children’s section

    I also noticed that. I don't see why the woman's complaint would have been enough to get him ejected. If he was not doing anything obviously creepy he should not have been thrown out. They could have sent an employee to that area or security could have watched him before approaching him.
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    Dems cry foul early in Wisconsin

    You know it's bad when the voting has barely begun and they are already crying for an investigation. :lol: Then this: If people are dumb enough to believe these 'tricks' should they be voting anyway?
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    Awesome I can Quit Shopping Target .........

    Have you been forced to shop at Target until now? Were you locked in some kind of shopping contract wherein the only out was a "no gay t-shirts" clause?
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    Dumbest Girls Ever Steal Girl Scout $$

    In Chit Chat. It isn't the 9 y/o girls money so we can steal it
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    Islam: Moving to Control America!

    Why would someone be afraid to be around others who think as they do? I'm guessing most M.E. countries do not express ideologies he would agree with.
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    Muslims furious at McDonalds...

    "They say the image is giving them strength." Their faith wasn't strong enough before? This couple has a baby and another resident in the building has HIV. Ya know, maybe they should be spending their time cleaning their grungy house instead of getting worked up over this crap. IMHO, of course.
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    Spiders Attack!

    I can surmise India. :lol: Far eastern India, apparently. One more reason to avoid there.
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    Homeowner jailed for firing warning shot

    But he does have the avatar of one. :whistle:
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    Geeeez. And then you finish up by thanking her for the apology. Makes ME want to apologize to Twin because she is obviously trying to be as gracious as possible! Twin, you set a great example in your postings generally, but here in particular. Good on you. :cheers: