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    Pediatric ENT Doctor

    While not a specific pediatric ENT, we took my son to Dr. Daly in Leonardtown. My son had been getting recurrent ear infections and was told he needed tubes by an ENT in Calvert. She recognized that he had only been treated by one class of antibiotics, so tried him on a different one and for a...
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    Logging out of gmail

    I assume you are just logging in through Safari? If so, at the bottom your username will be displayed with a small up arrow next to it. Touch on that, then touch "Sign out of all accounts".
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    Pool Table Help

    Not sure how close you want them to be to consider them local, but Champion Billiards is who we bought our table from.
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    SMECO Down?

    SMECO posted this to Facebook about 40 mins ago: The outage that occurred in Calvert County from 9:09 a.m. to 9:31 a.m. this morning was due to a transmission outage that affected three substations and approximately 8,964 customer-members.
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    New to County - Need Trash Service Advice

    Welcome to Calvert! We live in Owings as well and use Ace Hauling. Aside from being inexpensive and providing great service, I love that they take your recycling, too. Not all services do that. I do wish they had auto billing or at least online payments, but that's the price you pay for a...
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    Northern High School (Calvert) Fly Out???

    Just asked my kid, who goes there, and she said the cheerleaders were practicing before the pep rally and one of the flyers was not caught during a stunt. She fell straight to the ground and was flown out. Certainly hope that she is fine and send prayers to her.
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    Clothing donation pickup

    If you still need a pick-up, here is the online scheduling site for Purple Heart: I have scheduled pick-ups with them here several times and it works great. They do come to areas only at certain times, but I just get stuff together in the week or so leading...
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    Cooked Crabs in Calvert?

    Bayfish There is a new place in Dunkirk called Bayfish that steams crabs. I called them over Father's Day weekend and, although they ended up not having any the next day, the prices they gave me were pretty reasonable I thought. Seafood Market Carry Out
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    Baltimore Blast indoor soccer

    Nope, you're not the only one. Just bought tickets for my hubby and daughter to go. She wanted to give them to him as her Christmas gift. Also, just saw this deal on Living Social today: The Best Daily Deals in Baltimore - Baltimore Blast - Two Indoor Soccer Tickets and One Scarf. It's a...
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    Sippy Cup Drama

    When my son was that age, we introduced the sippy cup, but he didn't want anything to do with the kind you had to tip up to drink. We found these little juice box sized cups with lids/straws attached. They were a great size and he would sip up through the straw without a problem. Maybe try a...
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    Verizon & Google

    If you go to the Android Market, then Settings, you can turn off Notifications there. If it's not through the market, then I'm not sure.
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    The Hunger Games

    Read these at the same time as my 12-year-old and loved them. The first movie in the series is coming out next March. I think it will give the whole Twilight movie series a run for it's money.
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    Too early for flu vaccine

    Could be. Rest does wonders for the body and its ability to heal. My babies always slept a ton when they were getting ready to grow.
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    Jaspers Closing.............

    If you are looking for a good restaurant and are in Northern Calvert, try TurnAbout Cafe in Owings. It is located in the small shopping center on the southbound side of Rt. 4 at Chaneyville Rd. I LOVE the salmon with rosemary butter sauce!