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    Calvert Sheriff in the hot seat, again. Goon squads?

    The video that comes to mind (easily found on youtube) is the kid who was pulled over for a tag light and the deputy saw a used condom in the door. He had the kid exit the vehicle to "show" him the light and then asked him if there was anything else in the car he needed to know about. The kid...
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    Calvert Sheriff in the hot seat, again. Goon squads?

    Having a ####ty attitude isnt against the law, and I honestly CRINGE when I hear people use that as an excuse. We are under no obligation to be kind or even polite to police and I dont want to live in a world where the law treats you differently depending on how sweet you are when pulled over...
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    SMECO failing to send bill

    Online bill pay with your bank. I use bill pay from Navy federal and it is connected to most major companies so that the bill is delivered right to the page you pay from. I set up recurring payments that I can control (lif i need to shift a day, or stop it to dispute etc)as well as one time...
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    I am the mother of "that child"

    In nearly every study ever done physical punishment is linked with worse outcomes. It may "work" in that it frightens younger children into hiding things better as not to experience physical punishment, but it teaches nothing, especially not coping mechanisms or anything useful for the child...
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    Texas bans safest and most common abortion procedure after 13 weeks

    A fertilized egg is only the first part of a process that creates a pregnancy. In order for it to BECOME a pregnancy, it also has to travel and then implant into the uterus, at which point after implantation the body begins to make HCG, the pregnancy hormone. Thats the essential part of a...
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    Entitled Feminists Now Pushing For 'Menstrual Equity'

    What a fantastic idea! I might even go buy a few and send them to the women's shelter in the area, I didn't even think to do that.
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    Spam/Scam/Telemarketing Calls

    Its been so bad on my cell lately that ive had to install a spam blocking app. It works fairly well and so the calls are automatically blocked, only a few stragglers get through. I was getting 3 or 4 a day. Mostly the auto warranty robocalls, occasionally student loan calls.
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    Hematologist/ Oncologist recommendations

    Another thing to remember (and I would recommend) is that you can consult with an onco up the road and the local ones can follow their protocol. That way you get the advantage of up to date clinical care AND the convenience of doing appointments down here. Im not sure what county you are in, but...
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    Jessie's Kitchen

    We went and werent really impressed, as much as I wanted to like it. I had a decent app (little steam buns) and the service and sake were great. Other than that, the potstickers/gyoza tasted frozen and the ramen was really disapointing ( we have high standards though, our ramen spot in DC is...
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    The ugly truth about America's spending

    I keep seeing all of the freak out articles and posts. As far as I can see theres not a whole lot I take major issue with. If people feel so STRONGLY that we need to fund the arts, then they are free to give money straight to PBS. Isnt it funded by viewers like you? I saw MANY people freak out...
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    Hijab as a form of oppression

    This. When it is a mantle taken on by a religious woman in accordance with her faith, like a nun, orthodox jew etc theres nothing wrong with it. Orthodox women of many religions cover their hair or dress modestly or both. The problem arises when it is mandated by a force of law (muslim majority...
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    SOMD private schools

    I am fine with religious, given thats our only choice around here. I would truely prefer KCA as the non parochial option but the $$$ is a huge investment. I did hear they have lots of aid, though and some of it is first come first served.. Problem is you have to apply (725 in registrationa nd...
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    SOMD private schools

    I looked at Bay. While my monster has been montessori since 6 months, im hesitant to continue after kindergarten. Im not sure its the best model for older shildren. Plus they are $$$$. They are on my list to visit, though.
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    SOMD private schools

    This year there was an additional form for the seperate lottery that specifically asked eligibility for free/reduced lunch. The application in years past did not, only for race.