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    religious customs

    Disciple To be able to fully disciple to people we need to be able to reach them. If we are keeping people from coming to hear the word of God, are we being the disciple that can teach, and make believers as we go into the world. Jesus said in Matthew 28; <SUP class=versenum>19...
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    religious customs

    How much; do you think, that our performances at worship and church events turn others away from the excitement of christ! In other words do the works we perform in worship and ministry drive the unbelievers away from our doors?
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    Why the regulative principle in worship

    amen! I think that we all must develop our own relationship full of our failings and our successes. I believe we are called to have our individual knowledge and understanding to be truly christian! Thanks for being you! One of my favorite verses is Mark 11:24.
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    Celebrate the life of the former Surgeon General

    I want to celebrate this hero of the Reagan era. He granted humanity to the victums of the Human Immuno Deficiency Virus when others would not. He educated the public and taught America what it was. When others were persecuting the victums of this disease he educated. C. Everett Koop was...
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    Maryland tolls to rise this summer

    ferries The counties on the western shore have denied the rights of ferry owners to operate from them!
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    What is everyone reading??

    free kindle books email Ereader News Today Sign up here for daily look at what is available for free.
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    Anyone interested in CRE talk?

    The solution is to come up with payment for the County Standard roads paid for by all county residents eqiitably just like we contribute to all the roads within the county and state and country within which we reside. Additionally use the funding sources that are provided for not an additional...
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    Anyone interested in CRE talk?

    STD as it affects the tax rate we in CRE pay the highest effective property tax rate in the county do to the perpetual STD. We should be able to stop it simply base upon its inability to be temporary. It will never end as there is no way to maintain all the improvements it is designed to give...
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    Salvation: A Gift To You by The Grace of God

    Free Will JP stated "The real God does not make request as He makes commands." This doesn't allow for "Free Will". God doesn't command our acceptance! God Woos us constantly, until we make the decision to accept his gift. We can't accept what isn't offered, but we can deny what is offered!
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    Proposed Gas Tax

    teachers and md employees Maryland employees that aren't laid off are also facing requests of up to 9% salary reduction as the state shifts the burden to the counties to pay for the retirement system that they have intentionally been underfunding. This is all maryland employees that are being...
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    O Tax-em Malley at it again

    Fines as revenue I think we should just put speed cameras and light cameras at every intersection. Don't increase the fines just get more of them. It also has the benefit of not increasing personnel costs of Police officers just probably those who accept the checks and process them. We could...
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    O'Malley supports increasing sales tax to 7 percen

    Taxing taxes Well if we pay sales tax on our gasoline purchases, would we get to exclude the excise tax, or would we be paying tax for the tax we paid? How bout we start paying sales tax on our electricity and water after all we obviously are losing money by not paying sales tax there...
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    Bohanon on gas taxes

    New taxes I just want you to know that I am against any tax increase, that comes before the State shows it is cutting its spending. The working class Maryland citizen is hard against it now financially. Especially with the constant pressure on Gasoline making it the second largest expense in...
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    Bohanon on gas taxes

    We need to start a campaign now! We working class people need to speak up soon! We need to let them know that we are currently struggling and tightening our budgets. We have families failing all over Maryland. To increase the burden so much on working class families will cause more to be forced...
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    Why you like Southern Maryland/ Things to do

    Center of our nations history This is the center of a lot of our nations history. A lot of our revolutionary concepts started right here. Visit St Mary's City, Learn about Thomas Johnson, The War of 1812 also visited southern maryland. You can find out that we southern marylanders gave birth to...