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    Dyson Animal

    I hope this is still relevant; I haven't been on the forums in...a very long time. :lol: Our Dyson is still kicking ass and taking names. We don't actually live in a house with carpet right now, but I do use it to vacuum our wood and tile floors since I hate sweeping. The pet hair attachment...
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    Let's Talk Foundation

    I just started wearing Matchmaster a couple weeks ago and I love love love it. It feels like you're not wearing anything at all and has great coverage (I'd say it's about medium coverage which is perfect for me). I've also been using their Mineralize concealer and Mineralize Skinfinish to set...
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    Credit Card Rant

    Not if you're a credit union member. I use Navy Fed and have no fees.
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    2 weeks without power...

    For a lot of people it was very cold. My aunt and uncle live in rural St George WV. They were without power for about 2 weeks and had over 2 feet of snow. They spent all day plowing their 1+ mile driveway to the main road only to find that it was closed. Luckily they are the type of people who...
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    Christmas Displays

    They do it at Bristol Speedway too. And some little farm in GA near where my in-laws live. And lots of other places. :lol:
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    Thanksgiving 2012 Meal Planning

    Thanks! My mom doesn't like to cook so she's already offered to do the dishes. I plan on making most of the food the day before so I can just pop it in the oven to warm it up. My aunt and a couple cousins offered to come over early and help so I should be good. I'm going to have a detailed plan...
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    Need help from out of state

    I live in Va Beach and would be happy to help the kiddies. :smile:
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    Thanksgiving 2012 Meal Planning

    This is the first year that I'll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I'm equal parts excited and terrified. :lol:
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    Dear Chasey Lane

    But dumplings are so delicious. :lol:
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    Dear Chasey Lane

    I'm 5'11 too and don't have any problems finding pants to fit, but I think bootcuts help balance out my hips. I used to wear skinny jeans when I was thinner but now I just think they look silly on me.*. I like Gap and have purchased jeans at Loft and Express that I liked. *I do like to wear...
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    Dear Chasey Lane

    I wear them all the time too because they're what looks best on me. I'm not out of style. :lol: My mom looks good in bootcut jeans but she won't wear them. :ohwell:
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    What aggravates me

    Ooh...Chinese food... :drool: I'm having a good day too. Our chimney passed inspection so now we can build a fire in the fireplace, I found the shoes I wanted for our Christmas party and the last pair was in my size and on clearance for $9 (!) aaand my shaggy haired 10 year old finally caved...
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    What did you have to do to vote?

    I had to submit a request via snail mail for an absentee ballot. Then I had to go buy printer ink so I could print out my ballot (received via email). Theeeen Dustin had to print them out again at work because apparently our Chinese printer dislikes the democratic process/wants me to throw it...