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    Fly out 1/23

    Lz The flyout was unrelated.
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    Calvert Ambulance

    The entire situation is unfortunate, from talking to people many are under the misconception that emergency personnel in Saint Marys County are paid personnel. They are also under the conception that fire and EMS in Saint Marys County is joint as in many other jurisdictions. In fact...
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    Calvert Ambulance

    It was only an hour till the ambulance got there.. They had to dispatch 13 EMS stations until they finally had an ambulance on the call. An EMS station in Saint Marys County has 5 minutest to have apparatus on the street, if after five minutes and no response they dispatch the next two...
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    Emergency scanners to go quiet in 2014

    Radios Saint Marys digresses as everyone else progresses. Crappy radios, poor service, a terrible system for talking to other counties, half the time our dispatchers have to telly Charles dispatchers to get a message across. Its worse when they come here. Saint Marys wouldn't even fix a...
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    7 alarm fire in Bel Alton/La Plata

    more The Crash Truck from Reagan National is there too.....
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    7 alarm fire in Bel Alton/La Plata

    Saint Mary's Units include: Engine 14, Leonardtown Engine 51, Water Supply 5, 7th District Engine 74, Hollywood Engine 224, Tanker 2, Mechanicsville (Squad 2 was dispatched possibly cancelled) Also heard Andrews AFB Crash Truck on the scene as well as Patuxent Rivers Foam Unit/Crash...
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    Code 89

    I have never heard that code. What county? Im guessing you heard this on the police side too.
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    Hughsville reported structure fire across from the school in the boiler room, Hughsville Chief 2A held some units and rerouted other to control the brush fire.
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    Helicopter off Queentree Road

    wow its not like addresses are put on dept websites, and all the true "scanner listeners" that post up to the second call information............ if you listened to a scanner online btw, you would hear the address to every call in the world. Ever heard of HIPPA? Its a patient...
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    Helicopter off Queentree Road

    wow, two posts I make and five more pages later the ignorance and incompetence continues. stop arguing kids
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    Helicopter off Queentree Road

    41364 ALVEY STONE LN, OAKVILLE Dispatched at 1749.
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    Helicopter off Queentree Road

    Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad was already on their second call when a call was taken at ECC for a stabbing. MVRS and Hollywood Rescue Squad as well as Saint Mary's Advanced Life Support as well as police units were disptached when this call was taken. Units arrived on scene to find a...
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    Ellenwood Drive, La Plata, MD

    Oh jeeze. Cmon people. Just because someone died in the same neighborhood where your new house is is not a reason to move in. People die all the time. All over the place. You would be suprised but there are 3-8 deaths in the Tri-County Area EACH day. Not even from accidents. People get old...
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    Golden Beach area

    ambo MVRS and SMALS had a call for heart problems in that area after the ambo cleared the chimney fire....
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    Accident @ Gallant Green and Rt. 5 North...

    wreck I just heard the tail end of it as I am on the Saint Mary's side and just got to the FH after work All I heard over the charles scanner was a landing zone for a ehem, dont quote me, "ten your old male with NO airway compromise" from the crash. hughsville should have a story up on...