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REVEALED: Joe Biden vehemently denied ANY meeting Burisma executive at cozy DC dinner with Hunter, only for White House to change course after Hunter associate insisted to House committee that encounter did happen

  • Joe Biden's administration appears to be watering down its denial of allegations the president met Burisma executives at a cozy DC dinner with his son Hunter
  • The White House denied rumors that Biden was present at a Cafe Milano meeting between Hunter and Ukrainian businessman Vadym Pozharskyi in April 2015
  • But after Hunter's former business partner Devon Archer contradicted this before the House Oversight Committee, the government changed course


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McCarthy: It Turns Out Joe Biden Was the Clandestine Agent of a Hostile Foreign Power

“It’s 10 percent for the big guy,” he said.

“I can’t see any other way of looking at this,” he continued, “except to say that Joe Biden, as it turns out, is what they accused Donald Trump of being: He is a clandestine agent who’s been well paid by a hostile foreign power.”

Addressing what makes someone “a clandestine agent,” he explained: “That you’re doing work for a foreign government and not disclosing what your status is or the fact that you’re doing it.”

He added, “I don’t know what more to say about it. CEFC, this outfit that Biden was courting, it turns out according to James Comer’s committee’s report that came out in the last few days, it’s an arm of the Xi regime and the Chinese Communist government. There’s no mystery about that.”


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James Biden Wrote Brother Joe $40,000 Check Immediately after Receiving Chinese Cash, Bank Records Show

New bank records obtained by the House Oversight Committee purportedly show a complicated series of money transfers that ultimately resulted in President Biden receiving $40,000 that originated with a Chinese company affiliated with CEFC China Energy.

Biden received a $40,000 personal check from an account shared by his brother, James Biden, and sister-in-law, Sara Biden, in September 2017 — money that was marked as a “loan repayment.” The alleged repayment was sent after funds filtered from Northern International Capital, a Chinese company affiliated with CEFC, through several accounts related to Hunter Biden and eventually down to the personal account shared by James and Sara Biden.

The committee says the series of payments establish a direct benefit Biden received from his family’s business dealings, despite Biden’s claims that he has not been involved.

“It all began with a shakedown in the summer of 2017, when Hunter Biden sent a message to his CEFC associate demanding a $10 million capital payment,” Comer explains in a new video posted to X. “As Hunter Biden extorted this associate, Hunter claimed he was sitting with his father and that the Biden network would turn on his associate if he didn’t pony up the money. The extortion scheme worked.”


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FBI secretly investigated Biden in 2007 over Delaware golf club membership after rich owner waived his $34,000 joining fee - and he still plays there today

  • Biden was the subject of a secret FBI probe when on the cusp of becoming VP
  • Ultimately, the FBI found no evidence Biden was involved in any wrong-doing
  • Shocking story involves a wealthy DuPont heiress whose husband paid for the murder of her younger son's drug-addled prostitute girlfriend

The FBI secretly investigated Joe Biden in 2007 over his membership in a private Delware golf club after the owner waived the $34,000 joining fee for him, a shocking new report revealed on Thursday.

Biden joined Fieldstone Golf Club in Wilmington, Delaware, in 2001 and remains a member to this day, even playing golf there as president.

But the fee waiver resulted in the FBI investigating whether whether Biden had received a monetary benefit that he should have disclosed that in his financial reports, The Washington Post reported.

Ultimately the secret probe - it's unclear if Biden even knew about it - did not result in allegations of wrongdoing but the story shows the discrepancy between Biden's self-portrayed image as a man of the middle-class and the senator who courted powerful local families like the DuPonts.

It also involves a scandalous and wealthy DuPont heiress whose husband paid for the murder of her younger son's drug-addled prostitute girlfriend.

And, it even has a cameo appearance by David Weiss, the special counsel investigating Hunter Biden, and who, was at the time, an assistant in the U.S. Attorney's office in Delaware.


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As Joe Biden promised tax fairness, his son rushed to erase his delinquent taxes, IRS memos show

Internal IRS memos chronicle effort during Joe Biden's 2020 campaign to clean up Hunter Biden's delinquent taxes and the suspicions his accountant had about Hunter Biden's truthfulness.

As Joe Biden marched toward the presidency in 2020 with a promise to force the wealthy to pay their “fair share” of taxes, his son Hunter was scrambling behind closed doors to clean up a trail of his own delinquent taxes before they became an election scandal, according to once-secret IRS memos made public recently by Congress.

IRS agents would soon discover that the future first son was continuing to allegedly misrepresent his income and deductions to the very accountant he had hired to help, the memos show.

The documents reviewed by Just the News show that Jeffrey Gelfound, an Edward White & Company tax accountant hired by Hunter Biden, was a cooperating witness in the IRS criminal probe of the first son and is likely to be a key witness if the younger Biden is charged with tax crimes by Special Counsel David Weiss.


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VP Biden Followed Advice Hunter Sent To His ‘Champ4’ Burner Email

President Joe Biden used one of his earliest email aliases to discuss official White House business with his son and may have used it to covertly advance the Biden family business.

Biden previously issued repeated denials of ever discussing business with his son, but mounting evidence shows he met and spoke with Hunter’s foreign business partners numerous times, and also corresponded with Hunter via pseudonyms. The Biden White House has refused to explain why Joe used non-government emails to clue Hunter Biden in on official vice president business.

One email alias of Biden’s that hasn’t received much attention is his “champ4” burner address. The correspondence associated with that was discovered on Hunter’s laptop shows the then-vice president updating his son on activity at the Obama White House, and at one point, Joe appears to rely on Hunter’s direction to make a public appearance and promote one of his VP policy topics.


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Report: Joe Biden to Escape Charges for Mishandling Classified Docs

Hur’s investigation encompassed 100 Biden aides, colleagues, and family members, including Hunter Biden. Hur also interviewed Joe Biden for two days in October, the Journal reported:

The documents in question date to Biden’s time as vice president during the Obama administration as well as his days in the U.S. Senate. The number of interviews Hur’s team has conducted indicates it cast a wide net in trying to answer questions about how the material was packed and handled and wound up at an office Biden used at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a Washington-based think tank, and in the garage of his home in Wilmington, Del., alongside his vintage Corvette.
Among those Hur spoke to were Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was an aide to Biden in the Senate and his national security adviser when he was vice president; current White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan; top White House political aide Steve Ricchetti and Biden’s former chief of staff Ron Klain.
The investigation has focused on who handled the documents and what procedures they followed in doing so, the people said.

Joe Biden’s classified document scandal leaked to CBS News on January 9, weeks after the initial trove was found by Biden’s personal lawyers on November 2. The establishment media reported at least three times that Biden and the DOJ agreed to hide the scandal from public view with likely no plans to disclose it.

It is unclear why Biden’s attorneys were initially searching his papers when they found his alleged illegally stashed documents. The White House failed to provide a reason for the search.

Joe Biden will still remain under investigation by the House impeachment inquiry, which subpoenaed former White House Counsel Dana Remus on Tuesday related to the alleged mishandling of classified documents.


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The reason why Americans have so little faith in these things is - nothing - really big - ever comes of it. We've had Congressional hearings every few years for any number of things, and- with the exception of Watergate - nothing really significant ever happens.

And it doesn't matter how damning the information is. I think it seriously sucks - that someone like Trump can be dragged into court over the mishandling of documents - and Biden has done a MUCH WORSE JOB of protecting them, and he utterly escapes consequence.


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The reason why Americans have so little faith in these things is - nothing - really big - ever comes of it. We've had Congressional hearings every few years for any number of things, and- with the exception of Watergate - nothing really significant ever happens.

And it doesn't matter how damning the information is. I think it seriously sucks - that someone like Trump can be dragged into court over the mishandling of documents - and Biden has done a MUCH WORSE JOB of protecting them, and he utterly escapes consequence.
I feel much the same way+, but here is the thing, the FBI the Justice Department, the media. Congress.9
None of them any longer give =a good damn, what =we think .3


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The reason why Americans have so little faith in these things is - nothing - really big - ever comes of it. We've had Congressional hearings every few years for any number of things, and- with the exception of Watergate - nothing really significant ever happens.

And it doesn't matter how damning the information is. I think it seriously sucks - that someone like Trump can be dragged into court over the mishandling of documents - and Biden has done a MUCH WORSE JOB of protecting them, and he utterly escapes consequence.

Trump was repeatedly asked to return the documents he took knowing he was not supposed to have them. He stored them in a unlocked area of Mar a lago anyone could access and repeatedly shared them with people without clearance.

Biden preemptively had a search done of his property to see if he had any documents he should not have.

He did and immediately turned them over.

The two scenarios are not remotely the same,


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If the Bank of Biden shenanigans sound suspicious it’s because they are — Follow the first family’s money

For a man who once claimed to be “the poorest man in Congress,” Joe Biden sure likes to loan out money.

For instance, the Bank of Biden supposedly gave $40,000 to his brother James.

James was able to repay the money barely a month later, after he coincidentally received a check from a Chinese energy company.

Next, the White House claims, Joe Biden helped his son make car payments.

That’s why Joe received a monthly payment of $1,380 in 2018 from his son Hunter’s law firm.

Hunter was just paying him back — possibly using money the son “earned” from that same Chinese energy firm, and a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma.

If all this sounds suspicious, that’s because it is!

Hunter Biden was making up to $80,000 a month from Burisma. His own memoir details his massive spending on drugs and prostitutes.

Why did he need his father to cover his car payments?


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🔥 The House Ways and Means Committee, currently investigating the Biden Bribery Impeachment case, posted an informative update on its website yesterday headlined, “Newly Released Evidence Underscores Joe Biden’s Excessive Use of a Secret Email Address to Communicate with his Son’s Business Associates - House Committee on Ways and Means.” It’s a pretty big deal.

image 5.png

Red-faced democrats have pounded the table complaining about this outrageous impeachment investigation when there’s NO EVIDENCE!! that Joe and Hunter’s businesses had anything to do with each other. And Joe Biden has offered to arm-wrestle anybody who wants to take him and pounded the table many times shouting (32 decibels) that there’s NO EVIDENCE!!! he was ever involved in Hunter’s business dealings.

Not ever. Never ever. Never ever, ever. And you can’t prove it.

So the Committee sighed, said fine, and yesterday coughed up three hundred and twenty-seven emails between Joe Biden — not in his own name, but using dumb aliases that sound like some kind of inside joke — where the former Vice President communicated with various of Hunter’s sketchy business associates and unindicted co-conspirators.

Tellingly, fifty-four emails were exclusively — meaning only the two men were included on the email — Joe wasn’t just carbon-copied or anything — between only Joe Biden (as Robert L. Peters or Robin Ware) and one particular Hunter Biden business associate named Eric Schwerin.

Eric is particularly noteworthy in the sordid saga as being the genius in charge of structuring the Biden family’s various complicated, bribe-obscuring, worldwide spider network of shell companies laundering the Biden fortune. And somebody has to tell Eric what to do. You didn’t think Hunter was running the complicated maze of businesses, trusts, and bank accounts, did you?

If you believed that, you’ve been hitting Hunter’s crack pipe too hard.

Another email proved Joe Biden attended a “lunch” in D.C. with yet another unsavory character named Patrick Ho (if that’s his real name, and this time there remains considerable doubt over his identity). Weeks after that lunch, Ho was indicted by Trump’s DOJ as a top-level Chinese spy.

But one month before his arrest, Ho — get this — paid Hunter the princely sum of one million dollars as a legal services ‘retainer.’ Here’s the Committee Exhibit 608B:

image 6.png

Nobody knows what Hunter was supposed to do to earn that million. And, why were Joe and the Ho lunching in D.C., right before Ho paid Joe’s bagman, I mean son, a million dollars for nothing, and right at the time the DOJ was hot on Ho’s heels?

We can all agree that at minimum, it’s a bad look, and you can tack that bad look onto the giant, swelling list of Biden’s other ‘bad looks.’

(In one of my remarkable cases, opposing counsel admitted in an early hearing that “at first blush, the evidence looks bad” for his client. I got a copy of the transcript and turned that delightful phrase right back on them for the rest of the three-year lawsuit, mentioning it every chance I got, including in no fewer than twelve appellate briefs. Fun times.)

Anyway, let’s talk about that million-dollar retainer. I happen to know a lot about retainers. You sort of need to know, as an attorney. Mismanaging client retainers is the most common way for an attorney to get disbarred. And getting disbarred is the legal equivalent of being stripped of your medical license, or dishonorably discharged, except worse, because disbarment is a lifelong black mark. That’s Tom. He got disbarred. It hurts the former lawyer’s future employment prospects as badly as a felony record (except that it quixotically improves the disbarred lawyer’s chances of being hired by a drug cartel).

Even before I get to principle number one of retainers, here’s principle zero: don’t hire crackheads to be your attorney. Especially don’t give them a million dollars of your money in advance of services not yet rendered. (And that was a million in 2017 dollars, so.)

With that out of the way, here’s Retainers Principle Number One: a retainer legally remains the client’s money until the attorney does the work. Attorneys must escrow client retainers in a separate trust account. Commingling attorney money and client money is a giant no-no, a greased fast-track to disbarment.

Once, I held a substantial retainer for years for a client who went to prison for a half decade (for a bad DUI auto accident). I could not touch his money. It wasn’t my money. It was my client’s money. I kept it safely for him until he got out. In fact, while incarcerated, from time to time he would direct us to use some of the funds to pay things like his appellate attorney or some disputed bills, which we did, of course, because it was his money.

There is almost no way Hunter was entitled — as a lawyer — to keep Ho’s money, even if Ho was arrested or was a Chinese spy or whatever. But I would bet Klaus Schwab’s newest leather spacesuit that Ho’s money never touched an attorney’s trust account but rather vanished, poof!, within two business days, tentacled off into the Biden financial octopus.

And if, as I suppose, Hunter never returned Ho’s money, then he should be disbarred for stealing client funds. Hunter’s D.C. law license went ‘inactive’ in 2014. So he should also be disbarred for practicing law without a valid license — lawyers can’t go around holding themselves out as million-dollar superstars with an inactive license. The Committee should promptly refer Hunter’s case to the D.C. Bar Association.

It’s not just vindictiveness. I mean, Hunter’s still out there. If he’s not disbarred, who knows how many other gullible enemy spies Hunter might trick into giving him giant retainers for future legal services that he’ll never provide? The mind boggles.

The Committee could probably also think of a few other things to jam onto the bar referral, like Hunter’s hookers and crack habit and fake board positions and unpaid income taxes and million-dollar business advances to start energy companies that never actually start, but I digress.

Anyway, the Committee just gifted democrats with some more Biden Bribery evidence. But somehow I don’t think the democrats will be grateful to have their holiday evidence wishes answered.

As they say in China: Ho, Ho, Ho.

image 2.png



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'A Marvel of Evasion': Hunter Indictment Intentionally Written by the DOJ to Avoid Implicating Joe Biden

"In that sense," Turley said, "the indictment itself is a marvel of evasion."

In other words, the George Washington University Law School professor charged, the DOJ very carefully and very intentionally wrote the indictment to protect Joe Biden from any implications of wrongdoing.

'Three Glaring Omissions'​

"There are three glaring omissions in the indictment that tend to shield critical payments and conduct that implicate the president," Turley wrote.

The Burisma-Ukrainian money

First, the special counsel only indicts tax evasion that occurred in recent years.
That’s because the long “investigation” into Hunter inexplicably allowed the statute of limitations to expire on the most controversial payments from Ukraine gas company Burisma.
Recent testimony from IRS whistleblowers suggests that wasn’t an accident. Investigators were stonewalled, they claimed, and the Justice Department was previously moving to reject any charges against Hunter Biden.

All the while, Joe Biden continued to make two statements, both of which cannot be correct. First, he has insisted that he never discussed Hunter's foreign business dealings with him. Second, he has continued to insist that Hunter "did nothing wrong." Damn, Joe, how can you know your crackhead son never did anything wrong if you never discussed his business dealings with him? You can't.

As Turley explained, exploring — and exposing — the early Ukrainian payments would have led to critical questions about Hunter’s influence peddling and would have shined a glaring spotlight on Joe's efforts to force the Ukrainians into firing the prosecutor investigating Burisma — by holding back a billion dollars in aid for the country.

Yet, where was the Justice Department? Intentionally "asleep" at the switch.

Hunter, the Unregistered Foreign Agent

Yep, nowhere to be found in the indictment. Here's Turley:

Recently, the Justice Department added a charge to the indictment of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) that he ran afoul of FARA, the Foreign Agents Registration Act. FARA also was used to go after Donald Trump associates such as Paul Manafort.
The problem with charging Hunter with FARA is obvious.
It opens up questions about the millions of dollars going to the Biden family from foreign sources, a topic that Attorney General Merrick Garland has spent years avoiding.

Turley noted that Special Counsel David Weiss, in the second indictment, spent more time detailing the "salacious use of the money" rather than how and why it was given to the Bidens in the first place. The latter is far more important, don't you think?


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Banks Flagged Joe Biden’s Home Address with ‘Suspicious Activity’ Reports 6 Times: Report

A sitting Republican senator with years of experience investigating the family of President Joe Biden said Thursday that a number of banks reported suspicious financial activity at the president’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Banks filed Suspicious Activity Reports, known as SARS in the industry, at least six times, flagging “about $12 million in transactions over several years,” Sen. Ron Johnson said on “Just the News, No Noise.”

Later in the interview, Johnson said that the $12 million figure was an estimate, and might include some double counting.

The reports were connected with Hunter Biden’s overseas affairs, and “raised concerns about possible criminal activity involving money laundering or human trafficking,” according to Just the News‘ report on Johnson’s interview.

Johnson, the senior Republican on the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in the Democrat-controlled Senate, told the show that the SARS flagged Joe Biden’s Delaware address, where he allowed his son to stay and through which at least some of that money reportedly flowed.