People Can’t Drive!


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Dumbest move was last month on 301 eastern shore, car in front of me pulls over onto shoulder by turning at 90 degrees with trunk still in travel lane and stops.


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I was down towards the @TPD neck of the woods this afternoon and went through the Hermanville Rd intersection twice and twice I saw near collisions. Until someone comes up with a vaccine for the common dummy, there will always be wrecks there.


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He was definitely the catalyst for many an adventure.
There was a time...when three 7D nuts would venture forth to travel the length and breadth of the Potowmack River in their trusty powerboats. Much mayhem accompanied them where ever they went. RIP Kenny Boots and Big....I do my best to keep the spirit alive.


Just sneakin' around....
I was stopped at a red light both times TYVM.

Besides two times is a coincidence, 3 times makes a pattern. ;)
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time.... but I'm keeping an eye on you.
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I'm barely on the road anymore. But every time I am, I see unbelievably stupid people. Its as though they think they are the only ones on the road. Just yesterday on St. John's Road we had a car coming at us in the opposite lane. We were getting ready to head for the woods. Pretty sure they were on the phone. We saw a couple other ignorant drivers as well who could have caused very bad accidents.