Trudeau - ‘This Could Cost Him His Job’ [ Fascism Continues ]


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Canadians Revolt Against Trudeau’s Mass Migration Economy

The poll summary reported 68 percent opposition and 20 percent support:

A majority of Canadians believe increasing the annual target of [legal] immigrants as permanent residents from 465,000 in 2023 to 500,000 by 2025 would have a negative (42%) or somewhat negative (26%) impact on the cost of housing. One in five believe it will have a positive (8%) or somewhat positive impact (12%), while seven per cent say it will have no impact.

The 20 percent support is sharply down from 52 percent support in February 2023, Bloomberg reported.

Immigration Increase and Housing Costs (Sources: Nanos Research Group, Bloomberg)
The huge legal inflow of new consumers, renters, and workers has expanded the economy, so generating more taxes for Canada’s government.

But Trudeau’s massive legal inflow has spiked housing prices, forced down wages, crowded schools, and caused large backlogs in the nation’s supposedly free healthcare system. One result is a dramatic rise of homelessness in once-prosperous Canada:



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‘Equity-Based Weeding Process’ Leaves Ontario Public School Bookshelves Practically Bare

A public school in Ontario has culled nearly half its books, one student estimates, following “a new equity-based book weeding process,” leaving students and community members deeply concerned as the new school year starts.

Among the classics removed from Erindale Secondary School in Peel District School Board include the Harry Potter series, The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank, A Hungry Caterpillar, and The Hunger Games in a bid to make the library more inclusive.

Reina Takata, a Grade 10 student at Erindale, reflected upon returning to school: “This year, I came into my school library and there are rows and rows of empty shelves with absolutely no books.” She was reportedly prepared for the barren library beforehand. Near the end of the previous school year, administrators forewarned her, “If the shelves look emptier right now it’s because we have to remove all books [published] prior to 2008.”

Takata, a Canadian of Japanese descent, fears that such culling of books will lead to the removal of important historical stories, such as those about the Japanese internment during World War II. “I think that authors who wrote about Japanese internment camps are going to be erased and the entire events that went on historically for Japanese Canadians are going to be removed,” the student told CBC.

“That worries me a lot.”


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Clap for the Waffen-SS​

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been slammed online after appearing to blame "Russian disinformation" for an incident that saw a Ukrainian man who served in a Nazi unit during World War II receive a standing ovation in parliament.



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Never accept a cheap substitute: Trudeau called truckers "Nazis," applauds the real thing

…while a liberal Canadian MP flat out said “honk honk” was code for “Heil Hitler” among the trucking kind of “Nazis.”

Canadian Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks is claiming that the ‘Honk Honk’ catchphrase used by Freedom Convoy protesters over the past few weeks is actually a secret code for ‘heil Hitler.’
‘Honk Honk’ became an unofficial slogan in support of the truckers who blared their horns incessantly in protest of pandemic mandates during demonstrations that paralyzed the capital city of Ottawa for nearly a month.
During Monday’s debate on the Emergencies Act invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Saks defended the Act to remove protesters from the Parliament Hill area Sunday as she launched into what she believed was the meaning of the ‘Honk Honk’ slogan – a code for supporting Hitler.


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If someone from the Balkan states was fighting against the Soviets, they were allied with the Nazis. Kinda like Finland. The Allies looked the other way though.

This guy just went just all the way and joined the Waffen SS.


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🔥 You’ve probably heard by now about the Canadian Parliament’s Nazi problem. Earlier this week, alongside Justin Trudeau and fetish comedian V. Zelensky who were grinning like chimpanzees and clapping like trained seals, the full Canadian Parliament honored an actual Nazi SS soldier wanted for war crimes in Poland … because he “fought against the Russians.”

Heil Hitler! Or something.

That’s probably true. He probably did fight against the Russians. The Nazis and the Russians fought extensively after Hitler broke their mutual agreement to split Ukraine and Poland.

The Candians officially declared the 98-year-old Nazi war criminal “a Ukrainian hero, and a Canadian hero.” Yaroslav Hunka served with the First Ukrainian Division, previously known as the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the Nazi Party’s Schutzstaffel (SS) military branch during the Second World War.

As you know, or can easily imagine, the entire Canadian parliament standing with Trudeau and Zelensky wildly applauding a known Nazi soldier was not a good look and a political fracas has predictably ensued. This may cool the ministers’ enthusiasm a little for funding Ukraine.

On Monday, Canadian Parliament Speaker Anthony Rota, who glowingly introduced Hunka, threw himself under the bus, claiming that he and he alone was responsible for the mixup, it could have happened to anyone, a simple error in judgment, mistakes made on both sides and so forth, and he apologized.

image 17.png
Apparently that wasn’t good enough. One day later, yesterday, to a mostly-empty parliament, Rota announced his immediate resignation as Speaker and his “profound regret” for causing pain to “certain communities”:

CLIP: Nazi-loving Speaker steps down as Speaker of Canadian Parliament (1:47).

Then Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who infamously called the Canadian truckers “Nazis,” humbly accepted Rota’s resignation and blamed … Putin!

CLIP: Trudeau blames Russia for honoring Nazi war criminal (0:47).

But wait! It gets even better. Poland announced yesterday that it has now asked Canada to extradite Mr. Hunka to be tried in that country for Nazi war crimes, putting Canada in a real political pickle.

“In view of the scandalous events in the Canadian Parliament, which involved honoring, in the presence of President Zelenskyy, a member of the criminal Nazi SS Galizien formation, I have taken steps towards the possible extradition of this man to Poland,” said Poland’s Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek.

Many folks have pointed out a missing voice: the so-called Jewish Anti-Defamation League, which went radio silent in the wake of the Canadian Nazi scandal. These days, the ADL seems more like a woke political money-laundering operation than anything else.

The question is, will this be the straw that breaks Castro-lookalike Justin Trudeau’s back? Can woke liberal prime ministers publicly cheer for Nazi soldiers in 2023 and get away with it?

I report, you decide.



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Canadian grocers aren’t the ones responsible for surging food prices, Trudeau

New government data emerged this week showing that food prices in Canada continue to climb.

Though year-over-year inflation of consumer prices overall cooled to 3.8% in September, food prices increased 5.8% from a year ago, driven by surging prices of bakery products (up 8%), fresh vegetables (7.6%), pasta products (10.8%), and poultry (6.5%).

Food prices have long been a sore spot for Canadians. Even prior to 2023, statistics showed that some 7 million Canadians, including 1.8 million children, were in households struggling to put food on the table.

As inflation continued to drive food prices upward in 2023, consumer outrage quickly mounted.

“If I’m paying that much, I hope there’s gold in that chicken,” one user responded to a viral tweet in January showing a $37 price tag on a package of chicken breasts.


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Woman Is Perplexed About Why She Pays $600 Per Month For Groceries For 2 People — 'Is This Normal?'

Those increases are across the board, even on groceries. One Canadian woman was shocked to find that in order to feed herself and her husband, it costs about 800 CAD (about $600 USD) per month. She jumped on the r/frugal subreddit to ask other users if they thought the price of her groceries was excessive or within normal expectations.

Turning to Reddit to compare notes with commenters, the financially conscious woman admitted that they cook nearly all their vegetarian meals at home, and shop almost exclusively at budget-friendly grocery stores like Costco. Since their diet is so vegetable-heavy, they often supplement with homegrown produce, bake all their own bread and rarely buy anything pre-packaged or processed. She is simply trying to wrap her head around how foods like beans, tofu, and eggs have put such a big dent in their pockets.

"My question is ... is this normal?? How are people out there buying processed foods and meat for this same amount? This feels so high to me, and I can't tell if it's normal," she asked of her fellow Redditors.

People were skeptical about her "food consciousness" and one person commented, "Unless Vancouver is like 300% of US average, there’s definitely a lot of fat to trim in OP’s budget." Another user added, "Usually these posts end up with a lot of “one little treat” things, splurge items, high-end brand items, etc."

But the criticisms might be too harsh.


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💉 Finally, to help start your weekend off right, for your Friday amusement, enjoy this comical public service announcement from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Remember ladies, he’s single again!:

image 12.png

CLIP: No evidence Justin Trudeau got his shots (0:12).

The “booster advisory” clip shows a slack-jawed, chuckling, lightly tattooed man sitting in a chair and getting his shoulders wiped with prep pads. That’s it. For the life of me, I can’t understand why they would so obviously cut away —twice— deliberately not showing the injections, which were the whole point of the message.

Maybe the Prime Minister cried when he got the real shots, and they had to film it over again, once he was feeling better and had his lollipop. What are your thoughts?