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    New HVAC system, higher SEER--higher bills?

    We also replaced our 21 yr old unit back in May, along with a new thermostat. So far, we are running it 2-3 degrees cooler and still not using as much energy as before. I was skeptical at first, since it cycles on & off much more than the unit before. Our old unit would cut AC on and run ALL day...
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    SMCPS policy for teachers children

    Makes total sense! Very convenient I would say too. What happens on professional days and such, do the kids still go to school with her? Obviously if she is in training they can't but what about otherwise if school is out?
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    SMCPS policy for teachers children

    Seems as though teachers children who attend the same school are always present in the classroom when there is an event while school is not in session. Just wondering what the policy was on this? I have even had teachers children present during conferences for my child over the years. Do...
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    banks open friday?

    Will banks be open on Friday? Hoping like a lot they arent taking a long weekend too!
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    Wedding Flowers

    Def consider Weaver's....they are super sweet people and you can't beat her prices. I also did mainly hydrangea's for my wedding- they were $2.00 per stem if I recall correctly, that was 2 years ago. We had a large wedding- 36 centerpeices, 12 boutineeres, 10 bouquets, and 5 corsages, plus...
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    Waste Management skipped pickup - again!!

    I would NOT recommend Goode Trash....they did well for the first few months, then just stopped coming, didn't return calls, and if they did return my call someone was supposed to come out and never did. After the 3rd week of missed pick ups and numerous calls I cut my losses and called waste...
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    Tax Preparer for Daycare

    Looking for a tax preparer in St.Mary's or Charles that is familiar with doing daycare taxes.....any suggestions TIA :)
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    Flat Iron Farm

    Went there over the weekend, lights pretty as usual, but something stuck out to me this year......In my opinion the horses looked terrible, skinny and needing to be brushed, none wanted any interaction with the people coming up to them :( The barns of the the animals smelled horrible, I know...
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    I order from toysrus only if they offer free shipping, otherwise their rates are out of this world! But I use Amazon ALOT as long as i compare prices and make sure they are cheapest.
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    Shenandoah Crossing in Gordonsville, Va. It's about 2 1/2 hours but well worth the drive. AWESOME, AWESOME place. They have cabins, yurts, a hotel, and RV/Tent sites.
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    Anyone have experience with Weavers Cut Flowers?

    Sorry just realized you PM'd me, sent you a message back :)
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    Anyone have experience with Weavers Cut Flowers?

    Yes!!! Love Mrs. Weaver and her husband!! They did my flowers for my wedding last fall and did a beautiful job. I have also been to quite a few weddings that she has done. With my experience, it was easier for her if you have an idea of what you want, she can get any flower from the...
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    G&H Jewelers, California, Md- Seller Beware!

    Is this cash for gold online place legit?? I sold some of my old jewelry at one of those home parties last year and made a great profit, I have some other old earrings and little things to get rid of but would be afraid to mail it away-and maybe never see it again and not receive any money either?
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    HELP!!! Dog food...

    I'm still looking for a truly good food myself for my two labs, did some research on dog food advisor, and found that the BJ's brand of holistic food is 4 stars, they like it, it does well with their stomachs, but they seem to be hungry ALL the time now!! It seems as if I am not getting them...
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    Clean It On Up trash disposal????????

    I too had the same problem....they just stopped picking up right before Christmas, haven't showed up since!! I was paid up through February....left several messages to give me a call to find out what was going on, NEVER have I told them I was cancelling since I still had 2 months service already...