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    Utah Concealed Carry class in La Plata on 1/10/15

    So basically my understanding if you take this class although you can not carry in MD you can carry in the other 31 states at any time?
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    FedEx is the worst

    I also leave a note on my door to leave package on front porch with signature and they have always taken note as proof and left package
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    Local place to get fresh berries?

    Shalgel farm in waldorf off Mattowoman beantown rd is a PYO strawberry farm as well.
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    Spay Vouchers

    The Spot now only gives spay vouchers to Calvert County Residents only...
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    Spay Vouchers

    Yep in St. Marys. Thank you though :)
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    Spay Vouchers

    Thanks ill check out both :)
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    Spay Vouchers

    Anybody know of any places doing spay vouchers for dogs ?
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    Finding smaller clothes

    Express/NY Company is the only place I can find dress pants in size 2 long that fit and look nice.
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    New Year's Eve Car Service

    Legacy limo in hugesville MD
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    Ring Engraving?

    Yes it is absolutely stunning. I would love to have a ring like that :)
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    Ring Engraving?

    Thank you very much.
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    Ring Engraving?

    Where did you have your ring made?
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    Stuffed ham portions...

    That would be amazing please share when you get the secret recipe :)
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    Stuffed ham portions...

    Do you have a recipe for stuffed ham soup ?