Leftist Response to Hamas Attacks


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Ahed Tamimi arrested for incitement after “We will drink your blood and eat your skulls” threat

We previously reported on a threat posted on Instagram, by Palestinian Media Darling Ahed Tamimi: “What Hitler did to you was nothing. We will drink your blood and eat your skulls.”

Please read that post for background on Ahed, nicknamed “Shirley Temper” because of her regular outbursts since early childhood for the cameras. While she’s now an adult and is fully responsible for her actions, she is the product of a destructive and manipulative propaganda machine by the Tamimi Clan and anti-Israel activists in the West, such as Ariel Gold formerly of Code Pink. For details on this child manipulation system, see our 2017 post, Ahed Tamimi case is about child exploitation by anti-Israel activists.


And the Tamimi Clan continued to falsely portray themselves as peaceful, Media should stop whitewashing Ahed Tamimi’s terror-supporting family.

So here we are with the call to drink blood and eat skulls.

That has resulted in an arrest for incitement. France News 24 reported:

The activist was arrested during an Israeli army raid “aimed at apprehending individuals suspected of being involved in terrorist activities and incitement to hatred” in the north of the West Bank, the spokesman added.
When AFP inquired about the reasons for her arrest, a security source forwarded an Instagram post, which has circulated widely on social media and is attributed to the young activist.
According to the post, written in Arabic and Hebrew, she called for the massacre of Israelis in explicitly violent terms, referring to Hitler.
The activist’s mother, Nariman al-Tamimi, denied she wrote the post.
“There are dozens of (online) pages in Ahed’s name with her photo, with which she has no connection,” Tamimi told AFP.
She added that her husband, Bassem al-Tamimi, was arrested on October 20 and since then there was no news about his whereabouts.
AFP was not immediately able to verify whether the Instagram account in question, which was blocked on Monday morning, actually belongs to Tamimi.
Tamimi became famous at age 14 when she was filmed biting an Israeli soldier to prevent him from arresting her brother who had his arm in a cast.


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Congressional Staffers Demand Israel-Hamas Ceasefire—While Hiding Behind Masks

Does anyone care what anonymous staffers think?

But they did it with a twist. Notice they don't even have the courage of their convictions. If what they are pushing for is so right, then why are they masked and hiding their faces? Why don't they want people to know what they stand for?

Bottom line: they know there's a problem, that's why they don't want to show their faces.

They're pushing Hamas propaganda with those figures as well. Where's the evidence to support that number of casualties? Plus, accidental civilian deaths are not the same as deliberate targeting of civilians, which is what Hamas did. Yet they equate the attack on Israel with the response to the Hamas terrorists. To them, they're equally horrible events. That's twisted and untrue. Anyone who thinks that is either ignorant or biased for terrorists and shouldn't be anywhere near a position of power or anything involving the security of this nation.

Israel encouraged civilians to leave. It was Hamas who prevented that. Israel is more concerned about the civilians than Hamas, the so-called government. To them, civilians are just cannon fodder to be used as human shields.


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Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters accuse Biden of backing ‘genocide’ as they swarm NY Times building

“Biden, Biden, you can’t hide, you’re supporting genocide,” protesters also yelled just hours after the commander in chief told reporters there is “no possibility” of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

Protesters occupied the lobby of the Times building as they chanted outside of it and handed out mock newspaper copies of “The New York War Crimes.”

“We will continue holding the New York Times to account… for inciting genocide,” the chants boomed. “Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for the New York Times. Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes.

“New York Times, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.”

They also chanted, “F–k New York Times” and “Tell the truth.”

Cops were in the lobby with the protesters who entered and later were able to clear the area.