New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland


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Their FB page says the owner and general manager is Diane Battaglia, with team members Nicole Battaglia and Maria Battaglia Perrygo.
If I recall, they are from CA? I remember Battaglia Cherries in Sunnyvale. Not sure of any relation...
Pier 450
Where Scheible’s Fishing Center used to be......
Hotel, restaurant, beach, events , etc.

It’s going to be great

Took a long ride today, so took a ride past Scheibles. Here's a few pics as it stands today, just for history sake. Looks like they've started cleaning up the "motel" portion.
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If I recall, they are from CA? I remember Battaglia Cherries in Sunnyvale. Not sure of any relation...
Used to work with a guy whose first name started with a C. Same same?
Don't think so. My boss was a G. and worked for NGC for years and years.
Bill Battaglia was the owners husband, she passed away.
Bill started is own company GTMR and has since sold it.
Sounds like the daughters took over Doo Dah.
There use to be a Dooh Dah deli in Ridge.

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Do Dah Deli opens tomorrow! From their FB page:

Well the time has come to announce our opening. We will open tomorrow at 10:00am!!!! Woohoo!! We are excited to be back in town and see all of our old customers and welcome our new. All we ask is please be patient with us until we get back in the groove. Thank you all for your patience and keep on Truck’in

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St. Charles Towne Center to Welcome Majesticland and Majestics E-Gaming Lounge

America's Best Wings joins the premier shopping destination's fast-casual eatery line-up

WALDORF, Md. (October 28, 2019) – Simon, a global leader in premier shopping, dining, entertainment and mixed-use destinations, today announced that St. Charles Towne Center is set to welcome Majesticland and Majestics E-Gaming Lounge this fall. In addition, America's Best Wings is now open, bolstering the center's selection of fast-casual dining options.

"As the go-to shopping hub for Southern Maryland, we're always looking to welcome new and experiential options for our guests," said Kimberly Mallory, director of marketing and business and development for St. Charles Towne Center. "The additions of Majesticland, Majestics E-Gaming Lounge and America's Best Wings further solidifies our center as the top destination for shopping, entertainment and dining in Charles County."

Majesticland is a safe, fun and a uniquely different one-stop-shop for family entertainment that provides a world of exhilaration and memories to last a lifetime. Geared towards children 12 and under, the family entertainment center offers a variety of activities, including trampolines, sport courts, slides and an arcade that will have little ones never wanting to leave! Set to open on November 9 in a 7,982 square-foot storefront, Majesticland will be located on the Lower Level near Zales Jewelers and Sears.

A gamers' paradise where the entire family can level-up on fun, Majestics E-Gaming Lounge is home to approximately 30 43-inch smart, 4K televisions and 30 gaming consoles for a high-quality gaming experience. Visitors can get moving with exer-gaming stations, visit the virtual gaming area to bring imaginations to life, kick back at one of 12 gaming computer stations, visit the arcade or enjoy classic card and board games. Located on the Lower Level near Exclusive and Sears, the entertainment destination will be open in a 3,574 square-foot space in late October.

America's Best Wings offers a wide selection of favorites, including seafood, salads, burgers, wraps and of course, different flavors of Buffalo Wings! Shoppers can visit the Food Court to enjoy some of the tastiest wings in town!

For more information, visit


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Anybody know what is going into the new building behind the old real estate office across from Checkers? (in front of Walmart)


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came across this yesterday.

Looks like a harbor freight is coming to St Mary's.

Uh oh......... just bought a battery powered grinder, one of the reasons to go Kobalt was that they are closer if I need a replacement.

Anybody know what is going into the new building behind the old real estate office across from Checkers? (in front of Walmart)
I thought Donut Connection was at least part of it. Not sure about the rest.


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The current location misses so much traffic it would make sense.
the current location is better than the one they had prior, at least it has a drive up window.
Helps keep the cops moving.

Do we know if they are moving or just adding a second location?

But it will better serve MSP as it keeps us safe from ourselves on 235.

:) laugh, donuts and cops have been the source of many jokes over the years.