New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland


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I only find it interesting that it's an Irish Pub. Ran into a fair number of Chinese restaurants in western Europe. One place where the local language isn't a problem. Just one from column A, 2 from Column B.
After posting, did a little research, it appears to be owned by a corp that own several. Off shore investment?


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Wasn't quite a "taphouse"... They specialized in Miller Lite & Coors Light... And the food was horrible! Not to mention the clientele that had the cops there every other night...
I highly recommend Taphouse 1647 in California (Just across 235 from the Outback.
They opened on Sunday for a fundraiser, live band, children were on the premises and there wasn't a problem.
If it weren't for the music, it would be like a local Cheers, the staff likes to know the people that show up, typically a friendly crowd, always seems to have something going on, music, karaoke, trivia, even a comedy night.