What's for dinner?


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So friggin tired after getting up at 0300 our time, flying to Sandy Diego for a high-stress meeting at 1400 their time.....I walked to the 7-11 next door and bought dinner. A half-cold slice of pepperoni pizza that was probably from one they took out of the oven around noon, and a 6-pack of Corona. Gotta eat healthy, ya know...even when on travel


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There's a grocery outlet in Panama City that I pass occasionally in my errands. It looks crappy on the outside but today for some reason I decided to stop in. They have cheap groceries, but not remarkably lower than Walmart or Piggly Wiggly. The real attraction is that they smoke meat onsite - not just brisket and pork, but steaks and chicken wings and tons of other stuff. So I picked up a ribeye and a pork chop and a slab of brisket and a rack of ribs, and that's what I'll be eating on this week. Along with the roast chicken I got at Fresh Market yesterday.


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Bad news for me for tonight's dinner...Moose Lodge pizza and Budweiser and then a foggy mind at work tomorrow and Im sure some down time on the water closet