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Conservative Men TRIGGER WOKE Feminists With THE TRUTH About Diversity Hires In HEATED CNN Debate!​



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United Airlines questioned about DEI impact on hard landing in Houston

January 7, 2024 | Vivek Saxena | Print Article

A conservative activist is raising questions about whether a relatively recent United Airlines hard landing was attributable to the company’s DEI agenda.

The hard landed occurred on July 29th as a previously uneventful United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER flight from the Newark Liberty International Airport to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston turned awfully dramatic.

“According to the [National Transportation Safety Board’s] preliminary report, while landing at IAH, the First Officer was flying and, despite best efforts to keep the nose wheel from bouncing, the nose wheel made contact with abnormal force,” as reported by Simple Flying, an aviation news source.

“The airplane appeared to bounce, and he reacted by pulling aft on the control yoke, in an effort to keep the nose wheel from impacting the runway a second time. Subsequently, the speed brakes deployed, and the auto brakes engaged which resulted in a second bounce of the nose wheel.”

These bounces reportedly caused significant damage to the airplane.



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Hysteria Alert: Axios Warns DEI Cutbacks Could Harm Diversity

They write:

Laudable goals like achieving "equity" and "diversity" and making people feel "included" have become weaponized terms, and now corporate America is navigating the minefield.
Why it matters: The year ahead will be pivotal for corporate diversity efforts, as attacks against DEI — diversity, equity and inclusion — will likely intensify.
  • But for many employers, maintaining a diverse workforce where employees feel included is a key part of attracting and retaining workers (particularly in a tight labor market).

And they continue:

Meanwhile: The Supreme Court's decision last year overturning the use of affirmative action in universities has drawn attention to corporate diversity efforts.
  • Businesses are trying to avoid any programs that could draw legal scrutiny — any kinds of goals around hiring particular demographic groups are increasingly frowned upon.
  • "Anything that smacks of a quota" is out, said Diana Scott, Human Capital Center Leader at The Conference Board.



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Will this also affect the Biden Administration "Duh-Versity" programs?


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When you lower the standards to hire diverse people who are unqualified, you have to lower the standards for promotions.
The people who are actually doing the work are not happy about that, and the Diverse hires believe they are being treated wrong when they can't pass even the lowered standards and demand they be lowered even more. That leads to quota's and no one is happy.
When you lower the standards on a test the better employees will still come out on top.


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Fury as Johns Hopkins Hospital publishes diversity hit list where its DEI chief claims ALL whites, males, Christians, able-bodies people and English speakers are 'privileged'

  • Letter sent by Dr. Sherita Hill for the hospital's 'monthly diversity digest'
  • Middle-aged, middle-class and able-bodied people also fit her description
  • Elon Musk and Donald Trump Jr. among those who slammed the letter

Johns Hopkins Hospital has sparked outrage after its DEI chief sent out a letter labeling all white people, Christians, men and English-speakers as 'privileged'.

The letter, posted on Twitter by End Wokeness, was written by Chief Diversity Officer Sherita Hill Golden, was part of the 'monthly diversity digest'.

A furious hospital employee shared the memo with the Twitter account.

The letter was sent to staff yesterday by Dr. Sherita Hill Golden for the 'monthly diversity digest'

'People in dominant groups often believe they have earned the privileges they enjoy or that everyone could have access to these privileges if only they worked to earn them.

'In fact, privileges are unearned and are granted to people in the dominant groups whether they want those privileges or not, and regardless of their stated intent.'

Among those to condemn the remarks was Elon Musk, who tweeted: 'This must end!'

Donald Trump Jr. said: 'The rot and racism in higher education goes so much further Harvard, MIT, and Penn (my alma mater) it has taken over virtually every institution and needs to end now.'




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Boeing DEI Convertible​

Maker of Alaska Airlines door plug was recently sued over alleged widespread ‘quality failures’

The manufacturer of the door plug that blew out of an Alaska Airlines flight and plummeted 16,000 feet onto an Oregon man’s property was the target of a recent class-action lawsuit that alleged “widespread and sustained quality failures.”

The federal lawsuit against Spirit Aerosystems was filed less than a month before the mid-air emergency aboard the ill-fated Boeing 737 MAX 9 on Friday, NBC News reported.


While the filing didn’t specifically mention door plugs, that component is attached to fuselages, NBC News noted.

The lawsuit cited “the routine presence of foreign object debris” in Spirit AeroSystems’ products, missing fasteners and peeling paint – alleging that the failures were the result of a culture that prioritized production and profits over quality control.

Also mentioned in the suit were mis-drilled holes on the airliner’s aft pressure bulkhead, “a very significant problem” that a quality auditor for Spirit AeroSystems revealed in October 2022, according to the outlet.

Spirit AeroSystems allegedly concealed the issue with the bulkhead — which is necessary to maintain cabin pressure — after it was reported, according to the filing.


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Where is the diversity in hiring a DEI czar, They are always black and mostly women.

In fact DEI is just an excuse to hire a racist bigoted knee grow woman to spout racist and anti-white bigotry.,


..if momma ain't happy...

Conservative Men TRIGGER WOKE Feminists With THE TRUTH About Diversity Hires In HEATED CNN Debate!​

Very well articulated, both by the men on CNN and the guy reacting to the video. But those women, wow, they are not listening to anything being said, simply in a rush to get their point across. And that idiot moderator allows it.


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🔥 The Sandy Post ran a remarkable story yesterday with the totally-understated headline, “Clackamas County employee titles will no longer say 'equity' or 'inclusion’.” Actually, it wasn’t just the titles. Clackamas County just altogether eliminated its Equity and Inclusion office.

image 9.png

Clackamas County Administrator Gary Schmidt is busily ‘restructuring’ the county’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion departments, most recently by setting the date for the complete elimination of the Equity and Inclusion Office and the reassignment of its staff. Schmidt explained the restructuring is for compliance with state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination, an explanation that badly triggered certain groups.

Specifically, Clackamas’s white liberal women were the group most damaged and most upset by the changes. "I feel anger and a sense of loss with the announcement, even if it has been expected news for some time," County Clerk Catherine McMullen wrote, responding to County Administrator Schmidt's January 11th announcement. Behold angry, “lost” County Clerk Catherine McMullen, who was among the hardest-hit by DEI’s removal:

image 11.png

Milwaukie, Oregon City Councilor Rebecca Stavenjord organized a campaign to browbeat, I mean collect 800 signatures on a petition to stop the DEI department’s demolition. "As a concerned resident and advocate for justice, I believe this decision reflects a grave error in leadership," councilor Stavenjord wrote yesterday. She is hurt and lost too. Here’s City Councilor Rebecca:

image 12.png

Clackamas County’s DEI deletion will save local taxpayers over a million dollars annually. The most remarkable part of the story was how surprising the spot is for a DEI revolution. Clackamas literally sits right outside Portland, Oregon, the Heart of DEI Darkness:

image 10.png

Personally, I find this news greatly encouraging. For one thing, it continues to show the shattering DEI matrix, despite vested liberals’ attempts to somehow glue it back together in real time.

And maybe, if they can finally surround Portland, they can just snuff it out and start over with a new city.