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    No Workers?

    Not to be pedantic... I think it was Freakonomics that explored it, and found that the whole drug-selling business is a very steep pyramid — the base makes barely minimum wage while carrying all the risk, and only the guy at the top makes good money. It just has more of “cool” factor for the...
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    No Workers?

    Sounds like a kid who knows where it’s at. Good job!
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    No Workers?

    Dang it , just remembered an even better plan for making it on that amount of money, that my friend did and I’m kicking myself for not doing: Live with parents, while working, for two years. (I’m assuming that awesome $25/hr+benefits gig). Save up $60k (at $33k/year take-home, super tight but...
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    No Workers?

    I just did a simple calculation on this — $25/hr plus benefits is an EXCELLENT start to a career, and quite comfy lifestyle, even in our area. Pardon the math here: $25/hr is roughly $50k/year, take home is roughly 2/3, so $33k/year ==> $2.7k/month cash. yeah, you can’t rent on your own in...
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    Yes your guy is increasing taxes on me... You are very...
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    Please read this slowly, several times if you need to: WaWa get held up, robbed and looted all the time. They charge fees and sell products at significant mark-up to cover operating costs and risk. The same as soda vending machines and third-party ATMs. The same as would be with those...
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    Also, risk for all those ATMs regularly destroyed by thieves and rioters.
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    Please tell me how third-party ATM machines are different from soda machines (the ones dispensing bottles)? I have my paycheck direct-deposited into my bank account, and I am completely able to withdraw every single cent of it , the moment it clears, at the local branch of my bank for free...
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    Everyone does have free access to their money - it’s called “cash”. Take out all your money, even if it’s currently in a bank, at the local brunch for free, carry it in a satchel — no fee ever. ATM fees are those pesky convenience fees — same as why soda in a vending machine costs more than at...
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    PGPD Detectives Arrest Suspect For Stealing Multiple Airbags

    Bastard ! In my old neighborhood there was a constant crime wave of airbag thefts . Those bastards were quick and sneaky: they broke into my neighbor’s Accord and removed the airbag while it was parked 20’ away from my living room, where I was watching TV at the time — didn’t hear a thing...
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    What the hell is the matter with facebook

    Like drugs or ciggies, you will go through a withdrawal period, but your life will be better for dropping them. Not a cent to the lib bastards!
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    Search and Rescue underway in 7D?

    Those Ukrainian teenagers have been reading Fenimore Cooper again? Hope for everyone’s safe recovery, and that nobody gets scalped.
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    Mitch and Cam: a fun fact

    Back in the 90s-00’s that was the strategy, and imho the correct one — to show previously marginal groups as, you know, just people, with their own problems. That made the general populace relate to them, and no longer fear them. There was even a movie about a Trannie that was so well-made, I...
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    ummmm Ladies???

    Zalsaw is tasty, but guacamole is better! :drummer:
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    What the Chauvin jury knows and we don't

    Stories from the “hot GILFs Magazine”? Whatever floats your boat :dye: