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    ISO Recommendations Master Bathroom Remodel

    Funny that you should say that, tile inlay is the “hottest new trend” right now. A friend of mine just spent $30k redoing a kitchen, and as he himself admitted, it was outdated almost the moment they signed the contract. Now he just has to wait 20 years for it to come back into fashion :D
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    ISO Recommendations Master Bathroom Remodel

    Serious question: what's wrong with the old one? Is anything broken to the point of not being functional, or is it just "want new" thing? Cabinets, especially real wood ones, are easy to repaint and to change the handles -- and it completely transforms the feel of the kitchen for <$300...
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    ISO Recommendations Master Bathroom Remodel

    In my old house, we replaced vanities with new $50 ones from HD or Lowe's -- installed them ourselves -- and nobody was the wiser. Make it white, make it clean, make the lines straight and sharp -- and you will hear "Oooooh, this is spa-like bathroom!"
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    Joe Biden: I Will Force Americans to Wear Masks in Public

    Most lefties I know are creaming their panties at the thought of "mask mandate". WTF is wrong with them? It's evident now that masks are useless, and just serve as a signal of conformity and compliance. This is direct comparison with hijabs: long time ago, I knew (and casually dated) a...
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    Ive always wanted to run into something like this

    I have tried to interfere in a situation like that (males beating on females), and deeply regretted it -- I was not harmed, but the female immediately turned on me for dissing "her man". Leave the animals be animals.
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    Did they light the fire with their inner "sparks of Divinity"?
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    Pro Communist China Group Funding BLMLinked Organization

    Oh c'mon, like anyone is surprised. It was known since the '70s that us Commies were funding a plethora of "revolutionary" groups in the US. I'm too lazy to look for links, but when they opened the KGB archives in the '90s, they got a lot of documented proof of that. Sudoplatov, a former...
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    Hahn say nutty americans brocking Chicken Fillet!! No Good!!

    I keep telling kids that they will serve deep-fried panda. Only logical — CFA has chicken on the sign, and they serve chicken; Burger King has burger on the sign, and they serve burgers. One of the kids actually is looking forward to trying Panda. I’m a horrible father.
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    Payroll Tax "Holiday"

    If you haven’t noticed, most people are not very smart. There will be a lot of “hey, we is rich now! Time for a trip to Marlo’s to change our (perfectly functional) furniture! Put it all on credit!”.
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    you may not like this...its mindless banter outta nowhere...

    I’ll tell you why I actually like CFA sandwich — extreme consistency in quality from coast to coast. When traveling, most other fast food establishments are a gamble — it all depends on the franchise owner, which minimum-wage employee is putting your order together, etc. CFA, while not...
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    So where were you on 9-11?

    I was sleeping off a drunken night on my parents’ balcony, getting ready to go back to school. My Mom kicked me awake, told me to grab a crow bar or a prince of rebar, and to go with her. first to the ATM, then grocery store to buy flour, sugar, salt, oil — old Soviet habits, when SHTF, and...
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    12-year-old suspended after teacher spots toy gun during virtual class

    Yeah, we put up a cardboard screen behind the kid. Teacher keeps asking to take it down, “to see your wonderful learning space”, and we politely keep telling her to F off. None of their business.
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    Democrats vs. Republicans

    Slavery also ended 156 years ago, so by Crabby’s logic, that negates all arguments for reparations.
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    Third world grocery stores

    He is crafty and wily. That’s the best location and time to pick up wild GILFs.
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    Violence after election results.

    In the craziness of civil wars raging across the former Russian Empire, one side of my family was saved from extermination by just that -- a very determined local self-defense group. To every side passing through, they basically said "Local residents are our people, and we are determined to...