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    You cannot be a Feminist if you are a Zionist

    In this case, they did bring it upon themselves, by siding en masse with every single crazy libtard issue ever. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.
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    So, Aldi's

    I want it!!!! What was the ad for?
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    This Evening at the Farm

    Be aware — it’s Ridge… they like to hear banjo music and outsiders squealing. Fish just isn’t worth it…
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    Animal Rights Wackos

    Was just telling kids that in my Grandpa’s village, two types of cats were highly prized: the mousers and the very fluffy ones. Mousers were allowed indoors, fluffy ones only outside, especially during winter — made their fur super thick. Waiting for that info to percolate in kids’ minds...
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    Animal Rights Wackos

    And @PrchJrkr , you are welcome :)
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    Animal Rights Wackos

    Don’t tell me you never thought of this while petting your pets …
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    And a PSA upper/lower will still send lead to usable distance, freeing up funds for more ammo. Or a spare broomstick for a buddy. Just sayin’.
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    Paul Pelosi back in the news

    Let’s just say I have my sources in Russian Mob Totally Law-Abiding Association of Eastern European Entrepreneurs. Also :
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    Paul Pelosi back in the news

    Ok, hear this: If the security recording would show Fauci, dressed in a prissy maid costume, was the one who let the police in, while Bill Gates and Hunter were spit-roasting Pence, in a Bill Clinton mask, in the other room… Honest question: would you even be surprised?
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    Paul Pelosi back in the news

    Nudists, hippies, pedophiles, Baltimore mob, Russians (Gypsy Taub is Russian but possibly Ukrainian), geriatrics in underwear, this is just getting weirder and weirder. Anybody knows where Bill Clinton was at the time of this alleged attack?
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    Coming Red Wave 2022

    My parents live in one of the hotly contested Southern states, and somehow my Mom got into a proggy database, but with my phone number. I’m continuously getting texts to support Blah, contribute to Blah, etc. the hight of desperation must have hit, and Old George’s money rolled in, cause this...
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    Aren’t they lucky they are not girls?
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    "The most violent country in the world since 1950 has been the United States."

    You are part of the problem. Chanting burns precious calories and takes time away from eating. Less chanting, more shoveling pie into pie hole. Let’s catch up to those snotty Euros!
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    Fauxcahontas Clueless As Ever

    If that were so, very few states west of the Appalachians would have senators for the first half of our nation’s history.
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    Are you in the middle row, the first on the (camera) right?